Yeongingsan (Mountain) Arboretum Itinerary

Looking for an easy hiking day trip as a family or a relaxing hike for a date? With plenty of parking and very little traffic, you will find this day trip to Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest a relaxing way to escape from your routine.

About Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest

Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest is a great location for outdoor exercise at any time of year. Perfect for times when you need to socially distance and avoid indoor locations. The hikes are also family-friendly, as is often the case in Korea. If our toddler can do this, so can you! We love this spot because we’re both from places with beautiful mountains.

Yeonginsan Arboretum

Yeonginsan Arboretum5


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There is a small entry fee.

Hangul Address

충남 아산시 영인면 아산온천로 16-26

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Depending on the time of year, Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest hosts a number of outdoor activities such as water facilities (July & August, from 1000 to 1700, you MUST wear swimming suits and swimming caps), athletic facilities, ziplines (April to November, from 0930 to 1700) and, if you prefer to stay on location, campsites. You can learn more on the Korean language website.

Where Your Day: 2 Cafes Near Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest

I prefer to start my adventures at a cafe for a coffee if it’s before noon, a warm drink if it’s autumn or winter, or something refreshing if it’s any other time. Here’s where I would start the Mt. Yeongin daytrip adventure. These two cafes get you in the mood to have a relaxing hike.

Sanirang has lovely flower decor and is next to the lower level parking lot before you begin your ascent up the mountain. Amerik Hanok is just two minutes away and has more traditional Korean architecture.


Sanirang 0


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Cute little cafe at base of parking lot of Sangtubong Peak

Hangul Address

충남 아산시 영인면 고균길 21-4

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Amerik Hanok Cafe

Amerik Hanok Cafe0


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A cafe in a traditional building with lots of open space.

Hangul Address

충남 아산시 영인면 여민루길 66

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Options for Starting the Mt. Yeongin Hike

Option 1 (moderate): While there’s a wooden walkway that begins at the lower parking lot area, I don’t recommend starting the hike from here unless you’re really planning on making this a full day’s adventure. Either way, make sure you have your usual hiking needs, including snacks and water because you’ll have quite a few hike/walk options, including scenic and photo opportunities, the arboretum, a fortress, mountain top pagoda, and waterfalls.

Map of Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest

Option 2 (easy): Drive up the mountain until you reach the parking attendant, who will collect your entry fee. We paid W6,000 for our family admission and parking. We also parked at this point, next to a lodge, cabins, basketball courts, and a playground below. If you drive further up, then you’ll find another parking lot next to restrooms and a foot/shoe cleaning area.  After this point, the road seems to be reserved for service vehicles. This is where I would recommend starting your hike.

Map of easy hiking path in Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest leading to major attractions.

After the first photo zone, you’ll see a little sculpture garden and waterfall. This will be the first of many opportunities to choose your next path.

Pagoda Observatory

Pagoda observatory at Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest.
* see translation below

“Yeonginsanseong 956 stairs. The pagoda was built to commemorate the re-illumination of the historical and cultural values of the Korean people through trials and tribulations (the Sino-Japanese War) and the construction of an international trading port in the Asan Bay area. Standing at the top of the mountain, you can see the West Sea, Sapgyocheon Stream, Asan Bay Embankment, and Asan City at a glance. • Gitdaebong · Sinseonbong Asan’s Jinsan Yeonginsan Mountain (ub) is 363.6m above sea level and its name has the meaning of ‘there is a miraculous adventure that follows people’s origins’. Since there is a well, it is a mountain where rain rituals were held when there was a drought.

By bypassing the 956 stairway of Yeonginsanseong Fortress, it was designed to prevent damage to the castle ruins and to safely approach and view the castle ruins. Yeonginsanseong Fortress is a stone fortress built during the Baekje period, and the circumference of the fortress is 1,000 m. The best part of the fortress wall is the east wall, which is currently about 3m high and the section between 300m and 400m is relatively well preserved.”

Brazilian Restaurant and Cafe Nearby For Dinner

Begonia Restaurant and Cafe
Begonia Restaurant And Cafe

Begonia Restaurant And Cafe4.3


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A Brazilian restaurant and cafe in the countryside of Asan.

Hangul Address

충남 아산시 음봉면 음봉면로 145-63

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Begonia Restaurant and Cafe is 20-minutes away and if you’re heading towards Camp Humphreys or Pyeongtaek, then it’s on the way. You must have worked out an appetite so I’d recommend grabbing a full course meal. The property is a photo opportunity that you shouldn’t miss and, if you’re a carnivore, then you won’t be disappointed. Go for the garlic beef, but stay for the grilled pineapple! If you brought the kids, there’s also a salad and pasta bar.

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