Making Jang (장) for Kimjang (김장)

Want to learn more about making jang for kimjang? The following post is one of a series that seeks to capture aspects of this verbal tradition in English. The following post focuses on the sauce or ‘jang’. The information is for international families who wish to start their own community kimjang or English-speaking Koreans living … Read more

SOS Book Club Pick: American Seoul: A Memoir

American Seoul: A Memoir

A heartbreaking journey of self-discovery, this month we explore the life of Helena Rho in “American Seoul.” Let’s dig into this captivating narrative with themes of diaspora, heritage, and finding oneself in a world where borders blur and cultures intersect. About the South of Seoul Book Club If you are familiar with the series, skip … Read more

Gimjang with Sue in Review

South of Seoul’s first Gimjang event was a huge success and it was our favorite event so far. Sue was absolutely amazing and the kimchi was fantastic. The Attendees Over twenty guests including men, women, and children showed up for Gimjang with Sue 2022 sponsored by South of Seoul. Despite the fact that the event … Read more

SOS Book Club Pick: The Birth of Korean Cool

The South of Seoul Volunteer November Book Club 2022 recommendation is “The Birth of Korean Cool: How One Nation Is Conquering the World Through Pop Culture” by Euny Hong. Explore the rise of Korean pop culture and a global phenomenon. About the South of Seoul Virtual Book Club Looking for book recommendations? Welcome to the … Read more

A Year to Learn Korean Cooking: Dakgalbi

Today let’s learn about cooking dakgalbi (닭갈비) at home! Dakgalbi is a fabulous stir-fried chicken dish with with a gochujang-based sauce that often includes cabbage, sweet potatoes, rice cake (tteok 떡 ), scallions and other ingredients. You can enjoy this at your favorite restaurant. However this is a great dish to prepare ahead and cook … Read more

Pumpkin Craft Beer in South Korea

Each year we get many requests for pumpkin beer options around the time the weather starts to chill. Here are a few beers to try in 2022. About Pumpkin Beer in South Korea Pumpkin pie is a very traditional North American dessert but can be hard to find here in Korea. But in Korea’s beer … Read more

Autumn Leaves at Asan Gingko Tree Road

If you want to see the beauty of autumn in Korea, you must check out Asan Gingko Tree Road. It is easily one of Korea’s most photogenic walking roads and is located in the Asan-si countryside. Asan Gingko Tree Road (은행나무길) Eunhaeng namu-gil 은행나무길 is also known as Asan Gingko Tree Road. This is probably … Read more

Fall Festivals in South Korea

Do you love a fun festival on a beautiful fall day? Don’t miss the fall festivals across South Korea. If you already know about festival culture in South Korea, click here to jump to the festival list. Fall in South Korea Many consider Autumn in South Korea as September, October, and November. Therefore, we have … Read more

Best Korean Craft Beer Spots for Fall

Enjoy the fall locations for Korean craft beer. In this post, we share the best places for fall colors and cool brews. Autumn in South Korea Autumn is the best season in Korea. The season is marked by pleasant weather with high clouds and low pollution. The rice fields and other crops will be harvested, … Read more

Best Autumn Cafes in South Korea

Looking for the best autumn cafes in South Korea? Well, you came to the right place. As an Admin for the Cafes in Korea Facebook, I’ve visited cafes across the country over the years. After all that time, the following cafes remain my favorite for fall colors in Korea. Click to jump to the list … Read more