December in South Korea Life Slows Down

Wondering what to expect during December in South Korea? Let’s take a look at the rhythm of life as the winter starts to settle in. Gimjang Season Ends Different communities and families may have their gimjang (kimjang) activities in early December since the cold weather makes the perfect kimchi-making weather. South of Seoul began hosting … Read more

Winter Festivals in South Korea

Do you love a fun festival on a beautiful fall day? Don’t miss the winter festivals across South Korea. If you already know about festival culture in South Korea, click here to jump to the festival list. Winter in South Korea Many consider Winter in South Korea as December, January, and February. Therefore, we have … Read more

A Year to Learn Korean Cooking: Yukgaejang

Today let’s learn about cooking yukgaejang 육개장 at home! Yukgaejang is a filling spicy beef soup that includes scallions and vegetables. This delicious soup is one you will want to make in large batches to have during the cold, winter day. About the South of Seoul “A Year to Learn Korean Cooking’ Series If you … Read more

Winterize Your Korean Home

When the weather drops below freezing outside, you need to prepare for the cold in and winterize your Korean home. Listen to the BlogCast Don’t want to read? Listen to the South of Seoul BlogCast which provides accessible content through the use of AI technology. We don’t have time to read each article but we do our … Read more

5 Ways To Stay Warm at Home in South Korea (For the Cheap Seats)

Complaining about the cold when you aren’t wearing the proper hat and gloves is as silly as complaining about the heat because you wore a snowsuit to the beach in Hawaii. Korean winters are easily managed with preparation and consideration for what is to come. You will find plenty of affordable cold weather gear being … Read more

Traditional Kimjang with Sue at the Songtan Market 2023

Would you like to participate in a traditional family-style Kimjang? (FYI, if you love cooking and Korean food the answer is, “YES!”) Then, sign up immediately for this 2-day traditional cooking event at the Songtan Traditional Market. Come learn how families work together to prepare their kimchi for the year. This is an all-inclusive event that includes snacks, … Read more

Making Jang (장) for Kimjang (김장)

Want to learn more about making jang for kimjang? The following post is one of a series that seeks to capture aspects of this verbal tradition in English. The following post focuses on the sauce or ‘jang’. The information is for international families who wish to start their own community kimjang or English-speaking Koreans living … Read more

Christmas In Pyeongtaek

Additional Article(s) You May Find Useful: 3 New Year(s) Options in Pyeongtaek Every December in the South of Seoul group (Pyeongtaek Food & Fun) new arrivals ask about Christmas experiences they can have in the area. Every year we think, “We should write a blog about that”. Well, this year we’re finally writing one! So, grab … Read more

Holiday Lights in Pyeongtaek

Holiday Lights in Pyeongtaek South Korea

What should I expect from the Pyeongtaek holiday lights display? Every year Pyeongtaek sets up a series of free holiday light displays that last from December through March. The holiday lights installations are different each year and feature an eclectic display of imagery that makes winter a little more delightful. Since Christmas is considered a … Read more