Online Resources for Learning to Cook Korean Food

Getting started with Korean cooking Have you ever eaten at a restaurant here in Korea and wished you could find a recipe for the dish? Or realized you were leaving Korea and were going to miss your favorite dishes? Check out these online resources for learning to cook Korean food. My hubby and I know … Read more

Essentials for Your Korean Pantry

About Kimchi Rednecks’ Kitchen Adventures Our disclaimer: We want you to know that we are simply two white Americans who love Korean food and Korean culture. We have lived in South Korea for a number of years and food has naturally become part of our lives. We are not experts on cooking Korean food, nor … Read more

About Grocery Shopping in South Korea

Wondering about grocery shopping in Korea? Let’s talk about the realities of moving to a new culture and the struggles in Korea. Grocery shopping in South Korea Moving to South Korea is a shock in the kitchen!! Grocery stores are organized differently, packaged differently, taste different, and so much more. It’s likely that you are … Read more

Foundations of Pyeontaek Life: Acquiring Groceries

Welcome to your new life in Pyeongtaek. You have left your home culture and embarked on an exciting journey! The first step to success and self-care is learning how to meet your basic physiological needs, like how to buy groceries in your new environment! Food is a Foundation for Success Building a happy life in … Read more

Pyeongtaek Marts for Buying Groceries!

Who is wondering about buying groceries at Pyeongtaek Marts? About Grocery Shopping in South Korea Grocery shopping in Korea can be a unique experience for foreigners due to some distinct differences compared to Western countries. For example, Korean culture organizes its ingredients into different category systems, the packaging is in Korea, the staff speaks Korean, … Read more

Traditional Markets in Pyeongtaek

Interested in visiting the traditional markets across Pyeongteak? Learn more and visit them soon! Here is what you need to know. About Traditional Markets in Pyeongtaek. While grocery stores that will be familiar to expats abound in South Korea, traditional markets offer an exciting chance to experience the culture and food of the area. Pyeongtaek … Read more

Shopping at Big-Box Retailers In Korea

Sometimes it’s nice to get all your shopping done in one place. Here is what you need to know about the big-box retailers in South Korea including locations near Pyeongtaek, South Korea. What is a Big-Box Retailer? First of all, let’s talk about what a ‘big-box retailer is’: A big-box retailer is a retail store … Read more

A Year to Learn Korean Cooking: Dakgalbi

Today let’s learn about cooking dakgalbi (닭갈비) at home! Dakgalbi is a fabulous stir-fried chicken dish with with a gochujang-based sauce that often includes cabbage, sweet potatoes, rice cake (tteok 떡 ), scallions and other ingredients. You can enjoy this at your favorite restaurant. However this is a great dish to prepare ahead and cook … Read more

A Year to Learn Korean Cooking: Bibimbap

dulsot bibimbap

Today let’s learn about cooking bibimbap 비빔밥 at home! Bibimbap is one of Korea’s most popular foods. It is a dish comprised of mixed vegetables, beef and rice. Depending upon your tastes, there are many ways to diversify this dish. About the South of Seoul “A Year to Learn Korean Cooking’ Series Many of us … Read more

A Year to Learn Korean Cooking: Gyeran Jjim

cooking gyeran jjim

Today let’s learn about cooking gyeran jjim 계란찜 at home! Gyeran jjim, or Korean steamed egg, is a deliciously silky, fluffy egg souffle-style side dish. This dish is a popular option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. About the South of Seoul “A Year to Learn Korean Cooking’ Series Many of us live in South Korea … Read more