Buraksan (Mountain) Hike itinerary

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Do you live in Pyeongtaek and want a fun day outside with your kids? Here is a great hiking day with the kids on the Buraksan hiking trail.

About Mr. Burak Near Osan Air Base

Mt. Burak is a great place for people, of any age, who are just looking to spend some time outdoors at any time of year, though I would recommend waiting a couple of days after heavy rain. We visited in the winter, but there’s lots of shade for hot days, too. This trail is very popular, especially during the weekends and in the Autumn months.

If you’re not really into hiking, there’s also a playground, with a nearby restroom at the first parking lot. And ziplines, splash pad, and rope adventure course at the second parking lot, next to the ticket office. The hike and park are free but there is a fee for the rope adventure course, but you need to be at least 8 years old for the rope course.

First 1: Visit A Cafe

Outside of Boaz Mansion, a cafe near the trailhead for the Buraksan hiking trail.
Boaz Mansion
Boaz Mansion

Boaz Mansion5


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Hangul Address

경기 평택시 장안동 397-37

Darlene, Pyeongtaek Food and Fun: “Looking for another coffee shop recommendation? Boaz Manison is tucked away next to Burkasan and Ichung Leports Park. Enjoy the view of green scenery, picturesque decor and delicious treats. About 15 minutes from the Osan ROK Gate.”

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

I always start my adventures at a cafe. This one is my top recommendation in the area. It even has a signature drink named after Buraksan. In fact, this cafe has some of the most unique and tastiest coffee drinks that I’ve had in Korea, easily one of my favorite cafes here. There’s indoor seating and outdoor rooftop seating, as well as a parking lot.

Coffee drinks available at Boaz Mansion cafe.
Signature drink menu

Second 2: Go for a Hike

Buraksan Trailhead

Buraksan Trailhead3


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Hangul Address

경기도 평택시 이충동 산10-30

One of Pyeongtaeks more accessible and regularly used hikes.

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The Buraksan hiking trail is not stroller friendly, though dogs are also welcome, as long as they stay on a leash. It’s very well maintained area with bathrooms and trail markers. The hike is about 13.5 kilometers long, mostly flat. The Buraksan trail connects to the Deogamsan (or Mt. Deogam) trail, if you want a longer hike. Be careful as mountain biking is also allowed on these trails.

Third 3: Grab Dinner

After your play / hike day on the mountain, you may have worked up an appetite. If you’re able to dine out, then consider continuing through this Buraksan-themed day by visiting Buraksan Restaurant.

Buraksan Restaurant

Buraksan Restaurant0


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Hangul Address

경기 평택시 경기대로1376번길 38-29

A Korean restaurant that’s been around for ages.

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You can also find many more restaurant recommendations for the area in the South of Seoul app.

Fourth 4: Run Some Errands

If you need to pick up groceries or house items on the way home, the nearby Daiso has fresh produce and meat to choose from.

Highway Mart Songtan

Highway Mart Songtan0


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

Hangul Address

경기 평택시 송탄공원로 91

Affordable, classic Korean grocery store. Open 24 hours.

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Finally 5: Cafe stop for the drive home

Just 2-minutes from Daiso is this cute, pink cafe called 오잉카페 or Oing Cafe. Perfect dessert stop.

Cherry blossoms near Buraksan

Cherry blossoms at Buraksan

Springtime is cherry blossom season in South Korea and the road leading to Buraksan is lined with them. Grab a coffee at Boaz Mansion and walk up and down the sidewalk enjoying the blooms.

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