Website for Making Homemade Dog Food in Korea

Do you need or want to make homemade dog food for your dog but worry about the nutritional balance? Well, we found a website you might find helpful. The Korean government realized that many people were making homemade food and launched a website to support cooking at home. The Purpose of this Post In my … Read more

Choosing A Veterinarian in Korea

Choosing a veterinarian

Moving to Korea and need help choosing a veterinarian to care for your pets? Here are tips to help you find a veterinarian to help care for your pets while living here. Where to Get Started in Choosing a Veterinarian Moving overseas can be stressful not only for humans but also for your pets. Not … Read more

24 Hour Emergency Animal Hospitals

Need a list of 24 Hour Emergency Animal Hospitals? It always feels like our fur babies are sick when their veterinarian is closed. Therefore this list will come in handy if you are needing to find a veterinarian to see your pet in an emergency. During an emergency with your fur baby, it can be … Read more

Dog Parks and Cafes Near Humphreys

Looking for dog cafes or dog parks near Camp Humphreys? You’ve found them! We will keep updating this blog over time. Jump straight to the dog park list if you are already familiar with Pyeongtaek and animal park rules. About Camp Humphreys Army Base For those unfamiliar with Pyeongteak, Camp Humphreys Army Base is a … Read more

Fun with Your Dog Near Osan Air Force Base

Everyone loves an adventure, including your fur babies. Grab your doggy go-bag and head to a park or cafe. About Osan Air Force Base Osan Air Force Base is a US military base located in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. The base is on the edge of Sinjangdong, also called Songtan by those associated with the Osan … Read more

Leaving Korea with Pets

By: Angie Alvis, South of Seoul volunteer Moving internationally, even moving back to your home country, takes a lot of preparation and planning; especially if you have pets. There is a lot of planning and paperwork involved with flying with pets, even if you are just flying back to your home country. Be sure to … Read more

Pyeongtaek Pet Sitting and Pet Boarding

Pet hotels in pyeongtaek

By: Angela Alvis, South of Seoul volunteer We have two cats in our family and we also have passion for travel. So, what do you do with your pets while you are on vacation?  One of the easiest and most obvious things to do is to ask a friend or family member to take them … Read more

English-Speaking Animal Clinics and Hospitals in Pyeongtaek

Looking for English-speaking animal clinics and hospitals in Pyeongtaek? Then,here is a list of locations in the Pyeongtaek area to help you keep your fur babies happy and healthy. (This list has been updated as of September 2022). Where is Pyeongtaek? Feel free to skip this section if you live in Pyeongtaek or know about … Read more

Useful Phrases for Pet Owners

Always remember, if you don’t feel comfortable speaking, you can simply show the server your phone and point the to the useful phrases for pet owners that you need. You can also save these images to your phone for emergencies. Although ideally we recommend visiting a vet with strong English skills, we also understand that … Read more