Managing Spring Allergies in Korea

Do you suffer from springtime allergies? Spring is a beautiful season in South Korea, with an array of different types of flowers blooming and temperatures warming up after a long, cold winter. However, for many people, spring also brings seasonal allergies. Understanding the types of allergens that occur in Korea may help you manage your … Read more

How to Appreciate Korean Seasons

Wondering what to expect during Korea’s four seasons? Let’s take a look at what a year looks like living in Korea. Discover tips for how to appreciate Korean seasons for their own unique style. Korea’s ‘Four Seasons’ is Part of Small Talk Korean culture puts great importance on the 4 seasons. While living in South … Read more

Buddha’s Birthday in South Korea

Want to know more about Buddha’s Birthday in South Korea? You came to the right spot. We even share a few of the inconveniences that may surprise you. About Buddha’s Birthday Buddha’s Birthday does not fall on the same day each year according to the Gregorian Calendar. Instead, the holiday follows the Lunar Calendar. Specifically, … Read more

10 Best Cafes for Cherry Blossom Viewing

Try these 10 best cafes for cherry blossom viewing in South Korea. A fun way to relax and enjoy the spring flowers. About Cherry Blossom Season in South Korea Spring in Korea really begins with the Cherry Blossom 벚꽃 Season. People will drive for hours just for their own beautiful pictures with and of these … Read more

March in Korea is About Academia

Have you ever wondered why March is a quiet month in South Korea? Wondering why there isn’t a lot going on around the country? The quiet time exists because March is all about the start of the new academic year. Additionally, March marks a time of great change and turmoil for many in the international … Read more

Maximizing Instagram In South Korea

Thanks to South Korean bloggers’ excellent hashtag skills which use an easy-to-follow system, Instagram makes tracking how locations look on a particular day and discovering new hashtags is surprisingly easy. Learn how right now! Before you begin, smartphone apps you will need In order to manage the language differences without knowing Korean (but still using … Read more

8 Luge Parks In South Korea

There is something weirdly freeing about zipping down a hill on a little cart. Don’t miss the chance to feel like a kid again. About Luge in South Korea Luge courses are popular in the warmer months and many will close during the cold winter months when the mountains are being used for skiing and … Read more

Off-Season in Gangwon-do: Fall or Spring A Perfect Time to Visit

Gangwon-do is perfect place to travel in the off-season! You won’t regret it! A few recommendations from a toddler mom and coffee fiend. A Wonderful Family Off-Season Trip to Gangwon-do So far, we’ve driven to both the West and East Coasts in Korea. If you don’t want to follow the crowd to Busan or Jeju, … Read more

Spring Flower Festivals and Fun

Looking for spring flower festival information? You’ve come to the right place. About Spring Flower Season From March through May, spring flowers bloom across South Korea. Arboretums across the country will host festivals and show off their stunning gardens. The country is covered with stunning locations to view copious amounts of blooms that will make … Read more