National Liberation Day in Korea 광복절

national liberation day

Wondering about National Liberation Day (광복절 Gwangbokjeol) in Korea? Then, here is a quick overview of this holiday celebrating the country’s independence from Japanese colonial rule. The post includes information for those visiting South Korea and those living in the country wishing to make the holidays a part of their lives. About National Liberation Day 광복절 … Read more

Typhoon Preparedness in Korea

Worried about the typhoons that come through South Korea? Learn more about Typhoon preparedness in Korea and how international residents might want to prepare. Listen to the BlogCast Don’t want to read? Listen to the South of Seoul BlogCast which provides accessible content through the use of AI technology. We don’t have time to read each article … Read more

A Year to Learn Korean Cooking: Bibimbap

dulsot bibimbap

Today let’s learn about cooking bibimbap 비빔밥 at home! Bibimbap is one of Korea’s most popular foods. It is a dish comprised of mixed vegetables, beef and rice. Depending upon your tastes, there are many ways to diversify this dish. About the South of Seoul “A Year to Learn Korean Cooking’ Series Many of us … Read more

Business Summer Vacations in Korea

Summer vacations are coming. Expect to feel frustrated when you first show up at your favorite spots and they are closed for summer vacation. It’s hard at first but when you understand the cultural standards the frustration gets easier. Let’s talk more about business summer vacations in South Korea so that you can go from … Read more

7 Best Gangwondo Water Parks

Looking to beat the heat this summer? Try the 7 Best Gangwondo water parks that will bring delight to your summer. Great with families and friends. About Gangwon-do Water Parks Many Gangwon-do ski resorts offer large water parks that help make their resorts a year-round destination. Some ski resort-affiliated water parks may only be open … Read more

20 Top Swimming Beaches in South Korea

Do you love the beach? Then grab your best summer or winter beach wear and visit the 20 Top Swimming Beaches in South Korea! About Beaches in South Korea Since Korea exists on a peninsula, we are surrounded by stunning beaches on three sides. On the west coast, Korea is known for long, shallow beaches … Read more

6 Best Gangneung Beaches

If you love long beaches with aqua water playing with the sand, you’ve found the city for you. Then, this list of 6 best Gangneung beaches offers a little something for everyone. About Gangneung Honestly, you can straight skip this part if you have read my other blogs on Gangneung. We always include a quick … Read more

Best Romantic Getaway Pensions in Taean

Looking for the best romantic getaway pensions in Taean? Maybe you need a spot near Pyeongtaek for your anniversary? Here are some options that I love. If you need help booking pensions you can always use one of Korea’s bi-lingual concierge services. If you have an FRC (foreign registration card) you may also book these … Read more

What You Should Know About Mallipo Beach

What to know more about Mallipo Beach? The blog article takes a deep dive into visiting one of South Korea’s best west coast beaches. About Swimming Season in Korea The official ‘Swimming Season’ in South Korea is from about mid-July to sometime in August. Swimming Season is when beaches are at their height of popularity. … Read more