Typhoon Preparedness in Korea

Worried about the typhoons that come through South Korea? Learn more about Typhoon preparedness in Korea and how international residents might want to prepare. Listen to the BlogCast Don’t want to read? Listen to the South of Seoul BlogCast which provides accessible content through the use of AI technology. We don’t have time to read each article … Read more

Fall Festivals in South Korea

Do you love a fun festival on a beautiful fall day? Don’t miss the fall festivals across South Korea. If you already know about festival culture in South Korea, click here to jump to the festival list. Fall in South Korea Many consider Autumn in South Korea as September, October, and November. Therefore, we have … Read more

A Year To Learn Korean Cooking: Kimchijeon

kimchijeon, kimchi jeon, kimchi pancake

Today let’s learn about cooking kimchijeon 김치전. Let’s take a mouthwatering journey as we explore the savory delights of Kimchijeon – the irresistible Korean Kimchi Pancake. About the South of Seoul ‘A Year to Learn Korean Cooking’ Series If you are familiar with the series, skip ahead to learn more about kimchijeon 김치전.  Many of us … Read more

A Year to Learn Korean Cooking: Galbi jjim


Today let’s learn about cooking galbi jjim (갈비찜) at home! This dish is one of Korea’s most popular. More like a stew comprised of braised beef short ribs and vegetables, the sweet and savory flavor is one that will have you adding it to your regular meal rotation. About the South of Seoul “A Year … Read more

A Chuseok Menu for International Residents in Korea

Do you want to celebrate Chuseok in Korea but you don’t know how? Maybe you don’t have a Korean family or this is your first year in Korea? Here is how you can create a Chuseok menu at home using Traditional Markets and learning a few recipes. Let’s go, we promise it will be fun! … Read more

Best Pyeongtaek Neighborhoods for Chuseok

Visit Pyeongtaek during Chuseok and eat all the delicious international food without the crowds or giant price tags. Where to Visit in Pyeongtaek During Chuseok International residents living in Pyeongtaek have far more options over the Chuseok holiday than other areas of South Korea. Due to the presence of two US Military Bases, Camp Humphreys … Read more

Supporting & Celebrating Chuseok

Who doesn’t love the holidays? One of the coolest parts about being an expat is that you get to celebrate even more of them than you did at home! One of the biggest of the year in South Korea is Chuseok. It’s like Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one. Everyone is gives each other … Read more

Planning Things to Do for Chuseok

Types of Activities to Consider During the Holiday Chuseok is a great time to get outside! The weather is often gorgeous since the summer heat has faded and a cool breeze often blows across the rice paddies. Since restaurants in the area you are interested in might be closed, it is a great time to … Read more

SOS Book Club Pick: The Picture Bride

the picture bride

Discover the untold stories of courage, love, and cultural clash in Lee Geum-yi’s “The Picture Bride,” as we journey through the hearts of Korean immigrants in early 20th-century America. This powerful and emotionally charged novel invites readers into the intimate world of Korean picture brides during the early 20th century. About the South of Seoul … Read more

September K-Drama: The Uncanny Counter

the uncanny counter

The South of Seoul K-drama for September is a popular series that began airing in 2020, “The Uncanny Counter.” This gripping Korean drama follows a group of demon hunters with extraordinary abilities. While navigating their own personal struggles, they protect the human world from malevolent spirits. Let’s learn more about this K-drama and find out why it … Read more