How to Create a Custom Travel Itinerary in Korea

Learn how to create a custom travel itinerary in Korea with places you find online. This blog offers helpful tips for you to plan your next adventure. Using Naver to Create Itineraries I don’t speak Korean and I use Naver Maps in English to plan all of my Korean travel. The following video will tell … Read more

Yongin Korean Folk Village Itinerary

Korea has a plethora of folk villages where you can learn about Korean history during different eras. Take a day for this Yongin Korean Folk Village itinerary and enjoy all the expansive, family-friendly park has to offer. Also, this particularly itinerary happens all in one place! About Folk Villages In South Korea Korea has many … Read more

Ma an-san Hike Itinerary in Pyeongtaek

Looking for a small, relaxed way to spend your day close to home in Pyeongtaek-si? Try this relaxing Ma an-san hike itinerary. About Hiking in Korea Koreans view hiking as a national pastime. However, hiking in Korea may look different than hiking in your home country. Let’s take a look at some of the differences … Read more

The Best “Basic” Fall Day in Pyeongtaek

It’s almost sweater weather. Grab your best sweater and scarf, then enjoy the most marvelously “basic” fall day in Pyeongtaek! About fall in Korea Fall in Korea is everything you could want for embracing the basic beauty of the season. The skies are never bluer, the weather is perfect for a sweater, the leaves are … Read more

Sunday Brunch in Bijeon-dong Itinerary

Brunch food at TAB.C in Pyeongtaek

Have you ever wondered what the perfect Sunday brunch in Bijeon-dong, Pyeongtaek looks like? Well, follow along with us as we spend the perfect day falling in love with our city all over again. About Bijeon-dong (비전동) Pyeongaek-si Bijeon-dong is located in Pyeongtaek-si, South Korea. The neighborhood includes part of the popular area known as … Read more

Anseong Farmland Day Trip Itinerary

About Anseong Farmland Anseong Farmland celebrates agricultural life in South Korea. They have fields of wildflowers, a petting zoo, events, activities, and a relaxing atmosphere. This is Korean countryside destination a very low-key day trip that lets you relax and enjoy a mellow and relaxing day. Check out this video by Anseong Farmland celebrates agricultural … Read more

Art & Greek Food Date Itinerary in Cheonan, South Korea

You will love a date in Cheonan enjoying the arts and Greek food and gelato. The perfect date south of Seoul.

Date or Family Itinerary near Pyeongtaek, South Korea: Asan Rail Bikes

Relaxing on with friends while riding a rail bike in Asan.

Korea Flower Park & Tulip Festival Itinerary

Korea Flower Park Tuplip Festival in Taean

Families will love a day at the Korea Flower Park & Tulip Festival itinerary in Taean. Make a day of it or go for the whole weekend! About Korea Flower Park Korea Flower Park is a beautiful destination any time of year. No matter the season, the Korean Flower Park has something planned for you. … Read more