Autumn Leaves at Asan Gingko Tree Road

If you want to see the beauty of autumn in Korea, you must check out Asan Gingko Tree Road. It is easily one of Korea’s most photogenic walking roads and is located in the Asan-si countryside. Asan Gingko Tree Road (은행나무길) Eunhaeng namu-gil 은행나무길 is also known as Asan Gingko Tree Road. This is probably … Read more

Seongseong Lake Cafes and Restaurants (Cheonan)

For those who love lake walks, here’s an introduction to a developing area with many cafes and restaurants surrounding Eopseong area on the edge of Seongseong Lake in Cheonan. About Seongseong Lake This lake can be quite confusing to find due to the fact Naver Maps calls it Eopseong (업성) in English and Seongseong Lake … Read more

Yongin Korean Folk Village Itinerary

Korea has a plethora of folk villages where you can learn about Korean history during different eras. Take a day for this Yongin Korean Folk Village itinerary and enjoy all the expansive, family-friendly park has to offer. Also, this particularly itinerary happens all in one place! About Folk Villages In South Korea Korea has many … Read more

Intro to Cross-Country Cycling in South Korea

You may find cycling cross-country in South Korea surprisingly doable with the proximity of towns, regular services, and extensive river bike paths. I personally think that South Korea may be one of the best places to do extended cycling trips since you can carry next to nothing and still ride for days easily. Let’s take … Read more

The Best and Most Endearing Le Petit Prince Spots in South Korea

Visiting the best Little Prince-themed locations in Korea can be fun for adults and toddlers. Kids can enjoy the fun illustrations while parents can connect with the themes of the book as it relates to living lives abroad. Here are The Little Prince places I go with my little one. Antoine de Saint-Exupery Antoine de … Read more

Yeongingsan (Mountain) Arboretum Itinerary

Author at Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest

Looking for an easy hiking day trip as a family or a relaxing hike for a date? With plenty of parking and very little traffic, you will find this day trip to Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest a relaxing way to escape from your routine. About Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest Yeonginsan Natural Recreational Forest is a … Read more

Dragon Valley Hotel and Yongpong Ski Resort Weekend Itinerary for Lazy People

To clarify, we are the lazy people in question. Hopefully, our laziness helps others follow in our footsteps. Here is our favorite Yongpong ski resort itinerary. About this Weekend Itinerary Recently we took a ‘housemates trip’ to Gangwon-do in order to get back into snowboarding after two of us had to take a few years … Read more

7 Best Ski Resorts in Gangwon-do

About Skiing in Gangwon-do Gangwondo has a variety of resorts and offers the best skiing and snowboarding in South Korea. Gangwon-do takes up the northeastern part of South Korea. Mountains cover the vast majority of Gangwon-do. If you love skiing or snowboarding, you will love a day on the slopes of the ski resorts included … Read more

Want to ski at midnight? Head to Jisan Forest! 

You can ski at midnight at Jisan Forest near Seoul and Pyeongtaek. A fun spot to blow off some steam after work if you don’t mind dodging the people. About Jisan Forest Ski Resort It’s not the highest, the largest, or the best ski resort in South Korea, but Jisan Forest Resort has its perks. … Read more