Winter Activities in Korea for Toddlers

If you come from a family of skiers and snowboarders, then you may not be my target audience for learning about winter activities in Korea for toddlers. You likely already have a winter plan. Unlike me, you’re confident enough with winter sports to know where to begin with teaching your little one how to enjoy the cold weather.

However, if you come from warm weather this article might help you make some fun winter choices. Don’t worry if you live in a part of Korea that isn’t snowing because these locations specialize in maintaining and creating snow-like conditions. For example, we drove to Alps Village in the middle of January, after not seeing any snow for 2 weeks in Asan. We were a little concerned when we still didn’t see any snow on the drive, but were pleasantly surprised and excited once we arrived. Contacting the location ahead, or using 1330, may save you some anxiety. If the location is open, there will be snow!

My Relationship with Winter

I’m from Hawai’i. This means I’m more comfortable planning warm-weather fun, but not completely without cold-weather experiences. Hawai’i has an Ice Palace, open year-round on the island of O’ahu, so yes, I have years of experience ice skating; it was a middle school right of passage.

In Korea, I can only hope that my knowledge of skateboarding and water sports can translate into enough muscle memory to enjoy sledding and snowboarding. This brings us to the following toddler recommendations for winter.

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads

Skiing Resorts

Yes, I HAVE seen videos of toddlers skiing and snowboarding. Very impressive, but they are often raised by parents with lots of winter experience. If you don’t have winter experience, you can also get ski/snowboard lessons or go sledding at these ski resorts. Here are a few toddler-friendly ski resorts, in case you want to start slow:

Vivaldi Ski Resort

Vivaldi Ski Resort0


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

Located on the west side of Gangwondo, Vivaldi is easy to reach from Seoul.

Hangul Address

강원 홍천군 서면 한치골길 262

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Vivaldi Park Toddler Notes: Music-themed winter fun for the family. Includes skiing, tube sledding, and snow play zones. Very popular location.

Welli Hilli Ski Resort

Welli Hilli Ski Resort5


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

Hangul Address

강원 횡성군 둔내면 고원로 451

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Welli Hilli Park Toddler Notes: Resort destination that includes skiing, snowboarding, and an indoor water park among other things.

Elysian Ski Resort

Elysian Ski Resort0


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

Hangul Address

강원 춘천시 남산면 북한강변길 688

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort Toddler Notes: Great for beginners ages 3 years and up. Beginner-level slopes for skiing and sledding.

Yangji Pine Resort Sledding

Yangji Pine Resort Sledding0


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

A sledding hill at a small ski resort.

Hangul Address

경기 용인시 처인구 양지면 남평로 112

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Yangji Pine Resort Toddler Notes: Resort destination, much like Welli Helli Park, includes skiiing and sledding, as well as indoor sports and restaurants.


Additionally, if you want to take your toddler sledding without the ski resort experience, you’ll find a few places near Pyeongtaek and Camp Humphreys. This can easily be a one-day activity without the need to stay overnight. I mention these since they are what I am familiar with.

The sledding slopes may be busy with winter school vacations occurring in January and February. Waiting in lines for sledding can take a while so if your toddler is impatient in queues, then you may need a backup plan.

Alps Village Snow Sledding

Alps Village Snow Sledding0


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

A seasonal sledding area.

Hangul Address

충남 청양군 정산면 천장호길 223-35

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Cheonan Sangrok Resort Sledding

Cheonan Sangrok Resort Sledding0


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

A family resort with a seasonal winter sledding hill. Sledding prices are 12,000 - 16,000 depending on age and day.

Hangul Address

충남 천안시 동남구 수신면 수신로 576

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Cheonan Sangnok Resort Toddler Notes: While this location includes an amusement park, it is closed for the Winter so if it looks exciting, then return for the rides in March. This location has 3 main slopes for different levels – Advanced (tube sled with long, steep climb to the top), Intermediate (tube sled with shorter course), and Toddlers (low slope with plastic sleds). Convenience store and restaurants on-site and in Sangnok Hotel. W14,000 on weekdays; W18,000 on the weekend. Sledding hours are from 10:00 to 16:30, closed Mondays and during rain.

My favorite toddler family winter spot is Alps Village & Chilgapsan Ice Fountain Festival, also popular on Instagram and Tiktok for the majestic ice sculptures and magical Frozenesque background. Open daily, from 0900 to 2100 (with night show starting at 1800). For around W20,000 each, you can enjoy various slopes levels of tube sledding (eg. toddler only, beginner and toddler & parent, intermediate, and advanced), toboganning, snow play, ziplining, ice castles and ice sculptures, and a petting zoo. For a few extra won, you can purchase other things on site, like animal feed, food, coffee, roast chestnuts and sweet potato, train rides, to name a few. They also have gloves for purchase at the entrance, in case you forgot yours. If you decide that you want to stay longer, there are rental cottages, which can accommodate from 8 to 20 people, on location but they book quickly.

For more information on sledding options Sledding in South Korea > The South of Seoul Blog

Ice skating

You don’t need to travel to Seoul to enjoy ice skating. Indoor and outdoor ice rinks exist in other areas of South Korea. You will need to check the free skate schedules before going and you can often use 1330 to do just that. You can also use the Konglish term “아이스깅크” or the Korean term “빙상장” to search for locations on Naver Maps or Kakao Maps.

Gear Availability

Locations require skaters to wear a helmet and gloves. Helmets are available in 3 different sizes but if your little one has a helmet that fits them perfectly, bring it. Locations also have snack and supply stores so if you want to purchase skate gear and accessories you may.

Storing Your Things

You’ll also need coins for the lockers. Skates are available for rent, but for your little ones, it may help to use 1330 to check available skate sizes before the drive.

Yi Sun-shin Ice Rink

Yi Sun-shin Ice Rink0


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

Hangul Address

충남 아산시 남부로 370-42

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Yi Sun-Shin Ice Rink in Asan: If you enjoy watching the Asan Mugunghwa Football team, the Asan Owls, then you’re probably already familiar with the Yi Sun-Shin Stadium next door. Open from 0900 to 1800 weekdays; 0900 to 2000 weekends; closed Mondays. The skate rink is closed during lunch from 11:30 to 12:30 but you are welcome to eat in the snack shop while you wait. This location does NOT include skate aids so if your toddler isn’t ready, then I would not advise it unless you are a strong ice skater.

Namseon Park Skating Rink

Namseon Park Skating Rink0

Indoor ice skating rink

Hangul Address

대전 서구 남선로 66

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Namseon Park Skating Rink may be your next adventure in Daejeon. This location includes ice skating, sledding, rides, and cute little penguin-shaped skate aids. Open from 10:00 to 20:00; closed Mondays. Daejeon could be an easy day trip from Pyeontaek but If you’d rather stay for the weekend.

Winter-friendly Indoor Options

If you and/or your toddler are “allergic” to the cold weather and just need a warm indoor location to play, you may want to consider:

  • indoor playgrounds, like kid-cafes: South of Seoul also has a few kid-cafe blogs but if you’re a coffee lover, like myself, then consider Cafe Main Street or Light Cafe, two Pyeongtaek cafes with indoor play areas AND great coffee. As an alternative, there’s a small indoor playground, for ages 4 and below, in the 2nd floor food court at Starfield Mall Anseong. Just like Cafe Main Street and Light Cafe, this playground is surrounded by a seating area, perfect for enjoying a drink or a meal. Remember that kids cafes tend to go in and out of business often.
  • winter-friendly water parks: Take the time to read the rules for each water park, which may include more than just wearing a hair cap and goggles. For example, AmesomePlex and Asan Spavis require children under 130cm to wear a life jacket, which you can find on location.
  • malls where many family activities happen

Choosing The Right Winter Toddler Activities

In the end, your choices may depend on your toddlers courage and desire for adventure. Winter sports look easy when you’re watching animated princesses, gliding across a screen, but it’s good to have a back up plan in case your toddler doesn’t feel ready.