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What is Asan Update?

Every week or so we share the NEW places recommended in Asan, South Korea by the South of Seoul community. South of Seoul Volunteer ROK Stars share their finds in the Pyeongtaek Food & Fun group and/or upload their finds into the South of Seoul app constantly. We make sure you don’t miss any of these new finds by sharing them here! Asan recommendations are all located a short drive from Camp Humphreys Army Base and a long drive from Osan Air Force Base in Pyeongtaek-si. The recommendations may include restaurants, bars, cafes, clinics, activities, and so much more.

Where can you find all of these great recommendations for Asan?

Each of these listings is in the South of Seoul app available for free to everyone in the Google Place and Apple App Store. Each South of Seoul listing allows you to copy the name of the business in English or Korean, the phone number, and the address in Korean so that you can easily find additional information about the recommendation in Naver Maps, Kakao Maps, or Instagram. You can also route directly to where you want to go FROM the South of Seoul app!

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What’s NEW for Asan in the South of Seoul App

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