Online Resources for Learning to Cook Korean Food

Getting started with Korean cooking

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant here in Korea and wished you could find a recipe for the dish? Or realized you were leaving Korea and were going to miss your favorite dishes? Check out these online resources for learning to cook Korean food.

My hubby and I know that one day we will leave Korea and will miss our favorite foods. I will never be quite on the level of the awesome chefs here that we have cooking for us. However, I also know that I won’t get to take my own Korean cook back to the states. So, we began researching to find recipes that we can recreate that are as close as possible to our favorites. So, we developed this list of online resources for learning to cook Korean food to share with others.

Online Resources for Learning to Cook Korean Food

So, while we are living here, I have spent a great deal of time researching and finding recipes for several of our favorites. There are five main chefs I go to when I am looking for a recipe for most Korean dishes. All of these chefs have websites and social media accounts to follow as well.

  1. Maangchi She is probably one of the most popular of the Korean chefs with her YouTube channel. She has been providing recipes and teaching about Korean culture in her videos for years. She is a staple in the Korean cooking community. She also has two fabulous cookbooks available (we have both!).
  2. Seonkyoung Longest (Asian At Home) Her channel focuses on inspiring you to cook your own Asian food at home. She shares great tips for cooking at home as well as sharing her travels. Recently, she started sharing vegan recipes as well.
  3. Korean Bapsang Hyosun’s blog and channel started as a way to help teach her children how to cook the food they enjoyed growing up.
  4. KimchiMari JinJoo’s blog and channel focus on “authentic Korean recipes that anyone can cook.” She provides a recipe key that separates out by low carb, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low-salt, etc. She has great information for those new to Korean cooking as well.
  5. Julie Yoon Her blog and channel also are great for beginners. She provides more than Asian recipes. She also provides a great deal of kitchen tips that can help even the more seasoned cooks.

The reasons we think these Korean cooks are the BEST!

All of these chefs are down-to-earth and give easy-to-follow recipes. Once you start cooking Korean foods at home, you will learn to adjust recipes to your taste buds to make it more to your family’s liking or put your own take on a dish. I like that I can adjust some ingredients for my taste buds (like gochugaru and gochujang—usually have to reduce so it’s not too spicy for me! or switching to vegetable stock instead of anchovy stock since hubby is allergic to seafood). These websites have been fabulous at helping me to be more confident in my Korean cooking and when we go out to eat I know where to look for a tried and true recipe.

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The other great tip that most of these chefs provide is pictures and links to their favorite ingredients and where to find them. Many of these chefs are stateside which means that if you return to the states, you can find those ingredients from links on their websites.

Check out what we learned how to cook!

Here are some Kimchi Redneck videos! Check out what we have learned! How did we do compared to our Korean cooking idols?

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