Yongin Korean Folk Village Itinerary

Korea has a plethora of folk villages where you can learn about Korean history during different eras. Take a day for this Yongin Korean Folk Village itinerary and enjoy all the expansive, family-friendly park has to offer. Also, this particularly itinerary happens all in one place! About Folk Villages In South Korea Korea has many … Read more

Typhoon Preparedness in Korea

Worried about the typhoons that come through South Korea? Learn more about Typhoon preparedness in Korea and how international residents might want to prepare. Listen to the BlogCast Don’t want to read? Listen to the South of Seoul BlogCast which provides accessible content through the use of AI technology. We don’t have time to read each article … Read more

Business Summer Vacations in Korea

Summer vacations are coming. Expect to feel frustrated when you first show up at your favorite spots and they are closed for summer vacation. It’s hard at first but when you understand the cultural standards the frustration gets easier. Let’s talk more about business summer vacations in South Korea so that you can go from … Read more

Restaurant Break Times in Korea

Don’t get surprised by restaurant break times in Korea! Restaurants across the country provide their workers with time to rest between lunch and dinner. This is a very healthy habit for taking care of front-line workers but inconvenient for customers who don’t know it exists. Let’s talk about how break times may impact you and … Read more

Getting Your Korean Driver’s License from Scratch

Hello, I am an English educator from the United States living in rural South Korea. Recently, I went through the testing process for my South Korean driver’s license at the Yongin Driving Center. I thought it might be helpful to share my story. I can only speak from my experience here, some testing sites might … Read more

Detailed Information Regarding the Korean Expressway and HiPass System

Unfamiliar with the Korean expressway and HiPass system? We’ve got your covered. Making the most of your stay in Korea means taking advantage of every opportunity to travel.  For most trips that are over 2 hours away, OR when driving into Seoul, you may encounter at least one toll along the way. Setting up a HiPass … Read more

Case Study: How Federal COVID-19 Policy May Relate to Local COVID-19 Procedures

South of Seoul takes a deep dive into the South Korean government systems and uses a case study based on recent research surrounding issues experienced within the US Military community. The following information is sourced from Korean government civics classes, interviews with 1339, interviews with the Ministry of Foreign affairs, and personal interviews with US … Read more

How to Register your Overseas COVID Vaccination in South Korea

Many of our multinational community members living in South Korea have been wondering about how to register their overseas COVID vaccines in Korea. This blog provides some information on how to register an overseas vaccination in Korea and who is eligible to.

SOS Public Health and Utah Asia Campus Collaboration: Mental Health Week

A Need for Mental Health Campaigns on University Campuses If you attended a college or university, you may understand the mental health struggles that students face. Factors such as academic/social/financial stress, uncertainty about the future, and lack of sleep contribute to increased mental health challenges among students. Throw in a dash of COVID and a … Read more

Time to Get Glasses In South Korea

Do you need glasses? Many international residents often find that it’s time to get glasses while living or traveling in South Korea. The country’s numerous optical stores make glasses easy and affordable to purchase. Listen to the BlogCast Don’t want to read? Listen to the South of Seoul BlogCast which provides accessible content through the … Read more