Zip (delicious meat near AK Plaza)

For years now, I’ve been looking for a samgyeupsal restaurant near AK Plaza that made me want to come back. I’m not saying I haven’t eaten meat downtown town and thought it was fine, but none made me dream of a return trip. (Yup, I’m a meat snob now. I never even saw it coming.) Not until now.

Which is why taking a vacation is so important. With more time to meet up with friends and just chill out, I found the motivation to give the city center one more try. While prepping for dinner with Jennifer and Sue of Pyeongtaek Korean tutors I did a bit of research on Naver and found this new gem.

Zip (as I’m going to call it since that’s what is in English) is located next to the cute little park with the water feature a few blocks from the AK Plaza. The place is newish, bright and clean with tables and chairs so no sitting on
the floor was required. Their grills are big and spacious with plenty
of room for all the different items included in their affordable set
menus. Since I like my kimchi and my garlic well grilled this system works for me.

The meal itself boasts a variety of balanced flavors, fresh ingredients, and quality meat cuts. The samgyeupsal is thick cut and gorgeous. There is only one other place in Pyeongtaek that I have round comparable meat quality (for a reasonable price) and it’s not well vented so most folks wouldn’t feel comfortable eating there.

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One thing I can’t remember.. if anything was in English. Don’t worry though, any set you order will be delicious so just order for a price range and dig in.

As an added bonus, it’s a great place for an evening date. You can finish up dinner and then go watch the water and lights dance out front before a stroll along the river walk a few blocks away.

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