Yongin Korean Folk Village Itinerary

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Korea has a plethora of folk villages where you can learn about Korean history during different eras. Take a day for this Yongin Korean Folk Village itinerary and enjoy all the expansive, family-friendly park has to offer. Also, this particularly itinerary happens all in one place!

About Folk Villages In South Korea

Korea has many different types of folk villages across the country. Folk villages provide a way for Korean citizens, residents, and tourists to learn more about Korean culture. Each folk village may focus on one particular historical time period or may have different areas of the village dedicated to a variety of historical time periods.

Korean folk villages focus on Korean history from a Korean education standpoint. This means that the villages are designed for those who live and travel in South Korea. They aren’t designed specifically for foreign visitors. This means most information may be in Korean.

Arrive at Folk Village Early

It’s a great idea to arrive around 10 am – 11 am so that you can enjoy 5-8 hours since tickets aren’t cheap. There is more about ticket costs later. As I mention later in the blog, we spent 5 hours and wished we had more time. Additionally, arriving early means cooler weather during the hot months.

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Our Experience at Yongin Folk Village

While you may find a number of folk villages across the peninsula, which we encourage you to visit, the Korean Folk Village in Yongin offers the most immersive, traditional cultural experience.  This folk village stands out against the rest.

A beautiful river runs through the village

While MOST of the folk village is stroller-friendly, you may find the folk village dirt path bumpy at times. Thankfully, the markets and amusement parks are paved. Just keep in mind that there may be easy areas and more difficult areas.

We recommend blocking out your day for this trip. When my toddler and I visited, we arrived when the Korean Folk Village opened and stayed for almost 5 hours.  I felt unfulfilled because there were SO many things that we did not experience but such is the life of a toddler mom. 

The folk village is wonderful day and night. The evening experience looks like a beautiful moonlit walk, including shadow performances in traditional houses and a haunted house, which you can also experience during the day. 

Things to Do

The Yongin Korean Folk Village offers many things to do. Experience includes traditional food, performances, educational classes on traditional craftwork, Korean architecture, horseback riding, riverboat rides, and an amusement park.

Horse rides and performances

Overall Experiences

Stroll through the houses of a traditional Korean village, from farmers and tradesmen to scholars and nobility. 

Participate in crafts, such as pottery, woodshop, silk-thread making, mask painting, straw shoe making, traditional fan making, and bamboo flute making, located in different houses. 

Peruse exhibits and demonstrations in the museums.  Horseback riding, swings, and ferryboats are also in this part of the village.  Enjoy a breathtaking walk to Keum Ryeon Sa (Buddhist Temple).  * The temple walk is not stroller-friendly. Lots of stone steps.


Performances begin at 10:00 and run every hour with the last performance at 14:00.  Each performance showcases a different traditional instrument or dance so you may want to circle back to the stage to catch each one.  The schedule may change due to weather conditions.

Amusement Park

Park rides for children and adults of various sizes.  My toddler was limited to 4 rides – the Merry-Go-Round, Mini-Viking, Magic Tea Cup, and Bounce Spin because of the height requirement but there are 11 other rides for those less vertically challenged. 

You’ll also find toys, arcades, a photo area, a folk museum, a shooting range, western-style food options, and a haunted house.  Definitely go through the haunted house, which includes recreations of ghosts that have been seen in Korea.

Lunch or Dinner Breaks

Hungry?  You’ll find a variety of Korean dishes, street food, desserts, and cafes at the Yongin Korean Folks Village.  For the cafe experience, stop at Darakbang, in the Market Village, near the entrance to the folk village.  Otherwise, you will find coffee and street food at the kiosks in the Market Village. 

If you have more of an appetite, the Market Village and the Marketplace, at the opposite end of the folk village, offer touchscreen ordering with a cafeteria-like experience.  The kid’s plate includes orange juice, soup, rice, a hamburger patty, and sotteok (rice cakes and sausage). 

If you require something more Western-inspired, visit the Amusement Village.  Lockers are available at a price.

Seasonal Attractions

The pool opens during the Summer and a snow sled field during the Winter.  The folk village also hosts seasonal festivals, such as the Romantic Fall by Joseon during the Autumn, rice cake on New Year’s, Jeongwol Daeboreum (First Full Moon), Dano (hair washing in flower water), Chuseok Farmers’ Performance, Dongji (Winter Solstice) red bean soup.

Beautiful detail all around


Stroller, wheelchair, and audio guide rentals are available at the entrance. The availability of mobility support means that Korean Folk Village in Yongin may be perfect for multi-generational travel.

You can see that some paths are more rough but still manageable.

Yongin Korean Folk Village is family-friendly. You’ll find nursing stations throughout the park.  If your toddler is potty-training, like me, the restrooms include toddler-sized toilets.

Additional Information for Yongin Folk Village

Remember that all Yongin Folk Village policies, prices, and opening hours may change over time or during different seasons and holidays. You may want to confirm details via their website or by contacting 1330.

Hours of Operation

Open from 10:00 to 19:00 on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and 10:00 to 21:30 on the weekend (Friday to Sunday)

Shuttle Service

The Korean Folk Village offers a free shuttle service 3 times a day, to Suwon Station and back, on a first come-first served basis. The shuttle leaves Suwon Station Exit No. 4 at 10:30, 12:30, and 14:30; Korean Folk Village at 13:50 and 16:00. Please remember that times may change due to traffic.


If you have a Hi-Pass, there’s a fast parking option that will charge your Hi-Pass card.  Just keep an eye out for the usual Hi-Pass blue lane and sign. Otherwise, don’t forget to cover your parking fees before you leave.

Ticket Prices

Adults & Youth (14yo to 64yo) admission costs W32,000; Children (36 months to 13yo), W26,000; and Over 65, W22,000.  Under 36 months are free. The price was a bit more than I wanted to pay but if you stay for the day, then you’ll discover that it’s worth it. 

You may purchase annual memberships, ranging from W90,000 to 190,000. 

The Amusement Village, museum, and exhibition halls are included in the cost of admission.

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed. 

Bikes, Scooters, Etc Policy

While strollers and wheelchairs are permitted, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc are not. 

Drone Policy

Drones are not permitted.

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