We Go Together Summer /Fall Camp

South of Seoul is excited to announce the first FREE Pyeongtaek City Youth Center camp for Korean and American students!

We have been working  for months with the Pyeongtaek Youth Center to create this (and another upcoming) FREE summer camp for students this year. We also added Sig Flips the Table as our personal adviser in order to make sure military parent’s needs and opinions were well represented in the organization process. Everyone’s efforts paid off. The first camp will be held is for grade school students (birth years 2006, 2007, 2008) and will take place over two days (8/2 and 9/9) Even though this this camp is spread over two days in two months, it’s considered the same camp so students who register for this camp must be available to attend both days.

The camp is first come first serve. 
The first 15 applicants will be accepted to BOTH days of camp. Due to space, only two kids from each family can attend. Remember, these are not two different camps, but the same camp over two days.
Additional applicants will be placed on the waiting list.
  • LOCATION: Pyeongtaek Youth Center (Near Lotte Mart. They have a HUGE amazing facility with so many resources. We are so lucky they are interested in working with US families.)
  • LUNCH: Included. (Provided by Pyeongtaek Youth Center)
  • DATES: Wednesday August 2nd and Saturday September 9th 
  • CAMP TIME: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • ATTENDEES: 15 American students / 15 Korean Students
  • EVENT MANAGERS: Pyeongtaek City Youth Center and South of Seoul
  • TRANSPORTATION: Provided for Free. (Transportation to and from the Camp Humphreys area with pickup locations in from on Camp Humphreys walking gate and PIEF Center.)
  • Each camp will have a South of Seoul families representative in attendance. 

CAMP DAY 1: 8/2 Camp (Wednesday) 

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Children will organize into groups and get to know each other through group games and play. After lunch, children will go to the woodworking studio at the Youth Center and work on a project with the new Korean friends they made.
CAMP DAY 2: 9/9 Camp (Saturday)

Let’s take everyone to the market! Children will explore a traditional Korean market, buy ingredients then make themselves lunch. Afterwards, they will try their hands at Korean and American styles of cheer-leading.

A quick heart-to-heart about being a no show at free events:
It’s VERY important that if you register for ANY free events that you attend or at LEAST give 48 hours advance notice so that others on the waiting list can be included. Many highly organized free events for foreigners hosted by other organizations have up to a 70% same-day no show rate. It puts great stress on the organizers who lose hope and a desire to serve the US military community.

Honestly, between us, we all have a social responsibility to honor both the work and generosity of area organizations and the tax dollars used to fund them. It’s a huge undertaking to host these free events for foreigners while dealing with the culture and language barriers. We can fulfill this responsibility by simply showing up as promised.

For this particular situation, if everyone who signs up followings through, there will be more and more free camp opportunities. So please help a wonderful opportunity grow by simply showing up for the free camp you signup for 🙂