Useful Phrases for Pet Owners

Always remember, if you don’t feel comfortable speaking, you can simply show the server your phone and point the to the useful phrases for pet owners that you need. You can also save these images to your phone for emergencies.

Although ideally we recommend visiting a vet with strong English skills, we also understand that this is often impossible. We also understand that even when a vet speaks English or an expat speaks Korean, misunderstandings still occur. We have compiled this list to empower pet owners to do their best for their fur babies in a stressful situation.

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Looking for English-Speaking Vets in Pyeongtaek

Regardless if you choose an English-speaking vet or not, we recommend holding onto this list of useful phrases for pet owners. Also, if you are new to the area and have not chosen a veterinarian yet, make sure to check out our blog with English-speaking animal clinics and hospitals in Pyeongtaek.

In case of emergencies, it is always vital to keep a list of locations you can have on hand. Be sure to check out our blog about 24-hour emergency animal hospitals with tips to help you prepare for emergencies with your pet.

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Our content partners, KimchiRednecks, also wrote a blog about Best Friends Vet near Osan Air Base. As parents to three older shih tzus, the KimchiRednecks often provide content and videos on their channel with their pups.

Fun Options for A Day Out With Your Dog

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Looking for a place where pet owners living in Korea can ask questions and share ideas? Everything Paws Korea has information on training, recipes, health tips and DIY. In addition, there are post links to articles and such relating to our pets. However, please keep in mind, information in this group should never replace the advice of a qualified veterinarian.

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