Intro to the US Military Virtual Welcome Packet

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South of Seoul (SOS) volunteers welcome you to the US Military Virtual Welcome Packet. Our information applies to life that happens beyond the bases.

How are the Welcome Articles Curated?

SOS Volunteers associated with the US Military curate the US Military Virtual Welcome Packet for South of SeoulThe SOS Volunteers group information with the most important and immediate information showing first and then flowing into more lifestyle and community-focused information. Additionally:

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How are the Welcome Articles Developed?

SOS volunteers develop articles for the international residents of South Korea including but not limited to the US military. SOS blog articles answer general knowledgecommon knowledge, and domain-specific knowledge-related questions.

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This means that some of the SOS-developed content included in the Military Virtual Welcome Packet may be specifically for the military while other blogs may be information that pertains to all residents of South Korea that those associated with the US military should be aware of. 

Keep in mind, South of Seoul has no governmental affiliation with either the US or Korean Governments. Our volunteers work independently to facilitate communication between communities.

Does everyone have the same experience in Korea?

Each international student experiences life in Korea from their own social/cultural lensSuch lenses may be based on their country of origin, health care needs, culture, race, Korean language ability, location, and so much more. This means that each educator may experience Korean life in different ways unique to them.

South of Seoul volunteers seek to provide easily emotionally accessed information scaffolded for a variety of social/cultural lenses. We do this in order to support the diverse international community with empathetic and equitable information.

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Why don’t you move more articles about…..?

If you have ideas for blogs that need to be added to this list, feel free to let us know in the comments or message us at

Where can I find South of Seoul of Listings?

Download to the South of Seoul app! We have designed an app specifically for international residents living in South Korea with a focus on Pyeongtaek and the surrounding areas. After you read these blogs the app will take your life to the next level.

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