Traditional Kimjang with Sue 2022

Would you like to participate in a traditional countryside, family-style Kimjang? (FYI, if you love cooking and Korean food the answer is, “YES!”) Then, sign-up immediately for this 3-day traditional cooking event and learn how families work together to prepare their kimchi for the year. The event will cost $45 per person and be a ton of hard work and fun.

  • When: December 10th and 11th from 8:00 – 16:00 (is our best guess for a finish time)
  • Where: Pyeongtaek near Osan Air Force Base

What is Kimjang

In 2013, Korean kimjang became recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Heritage activity. For Kimjang each year, Korean families come together to help the matriarchs assemble the family’s kimchi for the year. The event takes three days and requires many people to come together in order to clean, soak, and prepare the kimchi for all of the family members.

washing cabbage for kimjang
Washing the cabbage.

There are many kimchi related experiences for new residents and tourists, but nothing compares to a full kimjang. When you go through the entire process of kimjang you step into the heart of the culture. For me, personally, participating in the totality of this event made me feel more connected to my life and friends in Korea.

A Unique Opportunity to Fully Participate in Kimjang

Since Kimjang is a family-focused event, few international residents in Korea have the opportunity to experience this event in its entirety. Many Korean moms will say, “It’s too much work.” when foreigners ask to join. They might be correct… but I have been determined to start a kimjang for international residents. I want everyone to have this experience if they would like the challenge.

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Kimjang Teacher, Ms.Sue

Kimjang with Ms. Sue

Therefore, when Ms. Sue said she would teach the South of Seoul community how to make kimchi, I insisted that we host a true kimjang. An event that doesn’t just showcase how to make the national dish, but also celebrates the strength and hard work of Korean women and their passion for their families.

cabbage ready for kimjang
Soaked and washed cabbage ready to become kimchi.

Additionally, while we learn to make kimchi and take some home to our families, we will also be helping Ms. Sue process the kimchi for her family for the year. This part of Kimjang is critical since helping family is the essence of the event.

About the Event Host and Kimchi Expert

Ms. Sue’s hometown is in Jeju-do, however, she now lives in Pyeongtaek with her Husband and 2 adult children. Although Sue speaks and understands limited English, she loves working with the international community. Also, it’s her dream to help support the international residents in Pyeongtaek by offering deeper insight into Korean life.

South of Seoul volunteers will work with Ms. Sue to create additional materials to make the kimjang run relatively smoothly. Additionally, such materials can be taken home for reference in later years.

Sue actually attended our Thanksgiving this year and couldn’t stop talking about how excited she is to have lots of guest for Kimjang.

About the Location

Sue has a gorgeous office and activity space that she has updated just for the kimjang event 2022! We will have plenty of space to work and attendees can feel comfortable with plenty of indoor and outdoor space for taking breaks together. The amount of work she has put into making us all feel comfortable and “at home” gives me warm fuzzies.

Types of Kimchi

Ms. Sue will teach three types of Kimchi for the 2022 Korean Kimjang. The cabbage and radish kimchi can be eaten over time. However, the fruit kimchi should be consumed within about 7 days of the 2022 Kimjang Culture Event.

  • Cabbage Kimchi
  • Radish Kimchi
  • Fruit Kimchi

What to Expect at a Kimjang

Kimjang is hard work. As we will be lifting things, moving things, washing things in cold water, and mixing a lot of stuff together, it is important to make sure you prepare accordingly.

We are working on the exact times of things:

  • Friday, December 9th (Washing and prepping)
  • Saturday, December 10th (Turning, prepping, chopping, mixing)
  • Sunday, December 11th (Assemble and Eat Together)

If You Can Attend All Days

Sunday will be the most important day of the event, we recommend coming to all 3 but we understand there are unique situations. Please just message us and we can try to figure it out.

Event Cost Per Person

We have done everything we can to keep the price of the event within reason. Our goal is to break even and use all of our manpower to help Ms. Sue with her family’s kimchi so that she doesn’t have to do it alone this year.

Adults: $45 or 55,000 krw**

The kimjang cost includes:

  • 3 days of kimchi-making education
  • 3 Types of kimchi to take home: cabbage kimchi (1/2 a cabbage), radish kimchi (1/2 a radish)
  • A few drinks and snacks
  • A meal together on Sunday
  • A lifetime of incredible memories

**You will need to bring your own rubber gloves, kimchi Tupperware, and work clothes (i.e. apron).

Kids: $10 or 12,000 krw

Kids able to participate in the labor of making kimchi can attend with their parents. The fee covers additional costs related to food, snacks, and the final dinner together.

Additional Kimchi: If you would like to make more kimchi, we can do a ticket add-on so that you can take more home. We will work out the price for adding additional kimchi.

Kimjang is a big, fun mess of work!

Kimjang Schedule

(We were able to change this to 2 days because of the number of attendees!)

Kimjang takes a total of two days. So, this means attendees should leave their schedules open for two days of working together.

  • Saturday – prepare ingredients for Sunday
  • Sunday – assemble the kimchi

What to Wear and Bring

Kimjang is messy. Therefore, you need to wear old clothes that can get wet and stained. You will also need to bring heavy-duty rubber gloves and Tupperware for taking home the kimchi.

Register Today

You can register today! Just fill out the form below and a South of Seoul volunteer will be in touch with the next steps.

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