5 Favorite Finds Tongbok Market Young Forest 청년숲

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Last week a newly renovated area of the Pyeongtaek Tongbok Market opened to the public. Last night we finally had time to check it out and we are in LOVE! So romantic and prettyyyyyyy. One of the best dates I have taken myself on in a while (I adore eating alone).

This super clean, white, bright delightful little corner of the city is easily the hippest, most adorable place to be right now.  It’s like walking onto the set of a drama where young dreamers have opened shops. You can sit and watch people all night long.

Keep in mind, this is not “for foreigners” although it’s filled with things we all love. It’s for Korean’s so it’s not filled with tons of English although most of shop keepers knew at least something. Just go and embrace the adventure. It’s almost impossible to go wrong.

This area is NOT big. Maybe 1 block long by 1/2 a block wide. It’s like a cozy little hidden paradise. It’s so fun to walk through the history and comfort of the traditional market and then emerge here surrounded by a little hipster haven.

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This is my new favorite place to be and it needs to be yours too. Grab your favorite boy or girl and get here for a date ASAP! It’s very new which means it’s only about 1/2 filled and yet it’s still awesome. Right now there aren’t lines and fights for tables. Go now before that changes.

Now let’s talk about our five favorite finds at Tongbok Market Young Forest 청년숲

Fire Cooked Lobster

We want to eat all their lobster rolls. Plus that we only about 9,900 won each. Perfect. (read full blog here)


Weird taco/burrito hybrids that we honestly kind of enjoy. Ok, we totally were happy but we also know lots of folks will judge us for liking something so totally not Mexican but called a taco. We don’t care. It’s a lovely change of pace from other places in the area. They also have Jarritos which is a selling point on it’s own. A drink and a “taco” set me back around 8,500 won or something close (read the full blog here)

OMG Fresh Market

There is a lot going on here, but the most important thing happening is vegetarians can eat here. You can add your name to the cookbook and they will message you when the items are in season. Honestly, there is a lot more going on here and we will get a full explanation. It’s so friggen hipster it’s almost too much. Completely love it. Most likely a terrible business plan. We don’t care. Looking forward to getting our text message about salads.

Sweet 1981
Mostly this is a bakery but it’s also a coffee shop. Once you are finished stuffing all the food in your thankful faces, stop by to top yourself off with the necessary sugar and caffeine 
Board Game Cafe & Pub
Are you completely full? Now it’s time to go drink!!! and play some games.
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