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Living outside Seoul can be a challenge for foreigners  The language barrier is a complicated hurdle, Google maps rarely works well, information in FB groups gets buried, and there aren’t many bloggers who stick around. When you need something, it’s often easier to just follow the information and catch a train to Seoul rather than find what you need close to home.
However, wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t have to be like that? If you had all the information you needed to solve your problems in your own community? Well, South of Seoul has done just that for foreigners living in Pyeongtaek. 

We have gone neighborhood by neighborhood and documented what you need to know to make living life close to home easy and fun. In addition to restaurants, bars, and clubs to make life more exciting – we also have special sections for pet owners and parents to help meet their unique needs. Kids making you crazy? We have over 20 places listed that cater to families. Doggies going crazy in your small apartment? Go check out one of the dog cafes or dog parks and let them get all the energy out. We are also going to be adding much more as time goes by, this isn’t the end it’s just the beginning.
The calendar of local events is especially helpful. The app is focused on not only foreigner specific events, but also the free arts events funded by Pyeongtaek City, local festivals, and much more. FINALLY, a place to see what’s happening around town. No more searching through FB groups and pages. If you have an event you want included on the calendar, please email the information to
Since Google maps doesn’t work well near the US military bases (where many of the best foreign restaurants exist) or in neighborhoods with lots of construction, we have walked through each neighborhood and added important locations to the WAZE app and included this information in the South of Seoul app. This makes navigation easy and efficient. This is an on going project, but one that will make everyone’s life much easier.

You can also watch LIVE facebook videos that South of Seoul posts from around town to help you get comfortable and learn about what’s up. There are live tours of restaurants, parks, community arts centers, festivals, and more. Watch videos and discover new things.
You can even share your own adventures and see what others are up to. All of us at South of Seoul are super into building a community, sharing stories. and telling about adventures. However, sometimes we don’t want to tell the world, just each other. That’s why we included a way to share the love of life outside Seoul that doesn’t include logging into facebook.
There are, of course, many other awesome parts to the new app and we will share more of them over the next three weeks. If you are excited about exploring with the new Pyeongtaek, click on one of the following links and download it today:

Thank you to these restaurants for supporting the launch of this new app. We could never have done it without the support of our Pyeongtaek community.
  • Braai Republic
  • MANNA the Kitchen
  • Hangari Galbi
  • Louis’ Bar & Grill
  • Tailgate Tavern
  • The Stoop
  • Pub 210
  • Loft33
  • Boiling Crab & Shrimp
  • Ceviche 210
  • Attractive Coffee
  • Bear Paw
  • JJ’s Diner