Taste the World in Pyeongtaek

As our international population expands, the international food scene in Pyeongtaek has come alive. The arrival of Samsung, an increased number of factories, and the expansion of the US Military have meant more opportunity for foreign residents to open up shop. Every week something new and interesting arrives.

Recently we realized we never even go to Seoul anymore. There isn’t a need. Much of what we have is far better than we would get there. When you add how much time and money it takes to go there and back, it doesn’t seem worth it.

This got us to thinking, “What are 10 of our favorite foreign food restaurants in Pyeongtaek?” These are places we eat at again and again. We even drive across town for them. It didn’t take long to come up with a very awesome list. These restaurants are also owned by foreigners from these countries which keeps the quality on point.

Peruvian: Ceviche 210 (Shinjang-dong)

This is a chef owned restaurant that has been absolutely killing it since they opened. The owner actually used to be the chef for the Peruvian embassy in Seoul and he still does events for them. He and his family keep their food fresh, delicious, and on point. We recommend trying the stew if it’s your first time.

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Mexican: Que Rico (Paengseong)

This bright and happy little restaurant puts their heart into turning out authentic Mexican food. No Tex-Mex here. They even bake conchas (a Mexican bread) ever week. Don’t miss your chance to have one of the best tortas of your life. The Cubana and the chorizo are our two favorites.

Ethiopian: Lucy (Shinjang-dong)

It is rare to find an Ethiopian restaurant, but we have one! It’s very new (10/2018) and already turning into a hit. If you haven’t tried this type of food do NOT miss the chance.  

South African: Braai Republic (Paengseong)

Unless you are vegan or vegetarian, you can’t not like Braai. The lamb chops and the meat pies are a vision. Go there eat them. Thank us later.

Thai: Thai Food (Pyeongtaek-Dong)

This is Thai food for expats. All the flavors are here. It’s spicy, dripping in fish sauce, and super delicious. Not for the faint of heart of picky eaters. This is Thai food from the heart for those that miss home.

Vietnamese: Pho Nho (Pyeongtaek-dong)

Yummmm, this expat joint is always hopping with local Vietnamese. For a while there wasn’t even a Korean menu. No idea if there is an English one yet, but they have pictures so go stuff your faces with delicious, and often intense, food.

American BBQ: JP’s BBQ (Paengseong)

JP.s has been our smoked meat supplier for years. They started of small selling at the pink street carts in Songtan and grew into their new restaurant in Paengseong this month.  They keep their menu all about the meat.  If you are eating alone you can get your single serving of slaw, a perfect BBQ sandwich, and drink without breaking the bank. This is weirdly rare. Many other BBQ joints only sell big platters for two or more. Love that they are thinking of all the folks who are here alone.

Turkish: Nazar Kebab (Paengseong)

IF you want more than a kebab, you need to go here. They have lamb platters that are mouth watering. 

Japanese: Kwang Hoon Ramen (Shinjang-dong)

Hum, we actually just realized this is the one restaurant on the list that is owned by a local Pyeongtaek resident and not an expat. We are giving them a pass because it’s delicious and adding Regina’s as an extra at the end of the blog. You must go eat this ramen. 

Americana: Louis’ Bar and Grill (Paengseong)

Sometimes we want that classic taste of home, but with a twist. This chef run bar and grill has what we love with the extra bit of attention to quality and detail our taste buds require. They are the unsung heroes. 

BONUS RESTAURANT: American: Regina’s (Paengseong)

This place is very small and the menu changes with the seasons or the chef’s inspiration. It can be frustrating to get in, but your tummy and taste buds will thank you. Call ahead to make sure they are open, but do make sure to go.


Remember, all our recommended restaurants are listed in the South of Seoul app. Downloaded it for current addresses and information. You can also read more reviews and leave your own!