Korean Craft Beer Highlight by PCBS: King Kong

Are you obsessed with Squid Games? Are you obsessed with tasty brews? Then this Korean craft beer might be what you need in your life. Note: As of December 2022 this beer is no longer in production and might not be available. Check out Gorilla Brewing Company’s other offers to find your next beer purchase. … Read more

Chillhops Brewing Company: PCBS Brewery Profile

Chillhops Brewing Company Location UPDATE: As of September 2022 Chillhops Brewing Company closed the doors on their Seosan location and opened a new taproom in the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul near Noksapyeong Station. Descriptions of the taproom in this article are based on the previous location and are no longer up to date. We encourage … Read more

Beer Highlight by PCBS: Jin Lager

About the Jin Lager The Jin Lager is a collaboration between Amazing Brewing Company and Ottogi, a classic food brand similar to Campbell’s Soup in North America. Ottogi makes a ramyun call Jin, which was the inspiration for this brew. The food company collaborations are interesting, especially with Ottogi, which I mainly know for ramyun … Read more