Haemi Fortress Itinerary

We love a good day trip to Haemi Fortress. Sometimes we stop here on the way to Mallipo or other Taean beaches. Grab breakfast before getting on the road It’s going to be a big day so we usually start with a big breakfast before heading out. Our preferred pre-trip meal is galbitang because it … Read more

Pyeongtaek Summer Beach Bus Details & Dates

Updated: Click Here for Updated 2018 Blog We are really SUPER excited about offering buses, leaving on select Saturdays, headed to beaches South West of Pyeongtaek. Bus travel is wonderful because you don’t have to stress about traffic, worry about driving home tired, drinking beer, etc. They are also surprisingly affordable here so it’s high time … Read more

Mudfest is the Best

CHECK OUT THIS YEARS MUDFEST VIDEO FROM ROK LIFE < CLICK HERE > After many years, I finally made it back for a little Mudfest drama.  Despite all the reasons I want to hate Mudfest, I love it.  In fact, I have found that the more someone doesn’t want to go, the more they seem … Read more