Beautiful Thai Massage

The Thai Massage ADDRESS: 평택시 서정동 795-12 SOUTH OF SEOUL APP: SEARCH businesses – Beauty – THE THAI Massage This new Thai Massage business opened a few months ago near the McDonalds in Seojeongri. It’s two floors of lovely relaxation. I’d been hesitant to try it because it looked out of my price range, but last … Read more


fyi: This photo is not from Pyeongtaek, most places here are even nicer Right now my hips are tied up like knots and I’m looking forward to my next Thai Massage, a monthly or bi-monthly habit that has greatly improved my quality of life since moving to Korea.  In the states I would never afford … Read more

Beauty Treatments: 강남뷰여성의원

The exhaustion became more than I could handle. No amount of yoga, water, coffee, sleep or veggies could cure it. While standing on the side of the road waiting for my bus I asked myself, “Why are you doing this to yourself?” There is no reason for this self-imposed suffering, the wailing, or the gnashing … Read more