Soy Crab & Sushi Bibimpap

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This is for the most adventurous of you eaters out there. This right here is ganjang-gejang (간장게장)which is raw crab marinated in soy sauces. Nom, nom, nom…. oh right, I’m writing a review not thinking about food.
On Sunday I NEEDED to eat this so I went on a hunt for a place with my friend, trying to find a few places Naver had recommended. All of them had been torn down to make way for progress.  I found this one completely by chance after we tossed our plan aside to go hangout at Pyeongtaek Lake Park.
We ended up splitting the crab and then each having a bowl of sushi bibimpap which was really delightful.  The restaurant has huge sashimi meals as well, for those with groups of 4 or more, so it’s a nice old fashioned place to grab a dinner. It’s not cheap though. Expect to pay at least 20,000 per person without drinks.  Delicious though, and right near the lake so no problem at all for me.
The restaurant is older and run in the traditional style, but the menus do have simple, mostly accurate English translations. They also had both floor seating and tables with chairs. Parking was also very easy.
After we finished dinner we were able to take a beautiful walk, enjoying the lake, and grab some coffee. It’s an amazing way to spend a day with a friend or an adventurous date. 
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