Southern BBQ at the Songtan Pink Carts

As an Alaskan I’m a sucker for folks who step out of their comfort zone and take a risk on a dream, especially when they are doing it off the beaten track. It’s a little something we call The Frontier Spirit, so when I found jps_bbq on Instagram a few months ago I knew I needed to track them down. For a while they were doing nights at the O’lounge Comedy Club near Osan Base but I always seemed to see the announcement too late.
A few weeks ago they announced they were going to start doing weekends in the Pink Carts and I jumped on the opportunity, rounding up the Songtan Language Exchange folks to come along with me. 
Needless to say, I was tickled pink with my sandwich, so much so that I went back the next day with my Southern Fried boy for some more sweet tea and bbq. Now is hooked as well.
If you love southern BBQ and have 5,000 won burning a hole in your pocket, get your butt over to Songtan, stuff your faces with deliciousness, and support another expat living his dream and making our lives a little bit more tasty.
The Pink Carts are located at toward the end of shopping strip walking away from Osan Gate. They are down the ally along the old train tracks. You can call jps_bbq with questions at 010-2626-7437