Shokuji, A Hometown Hit!

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A local chef has found success with his chain of fantastic Japanese diners. Shokuji needs to be on your Pyeongtaek bucket list!

If you love Japanese food, you are going to love Shokuji. This stylish Japanese diner celebrates design and flavor to create a dining experience that goes beyond just what’s on your plate. The sashimi salmon bowl and tempura bowl are the two dishes we can’t stop ordering.

I met the founder and head chef at Shokuji nearly 10 years ago when he was developing his skills at restaurants around Pyeongtaek. I was obsessed with his sushi at the time. Then, one day he was no longer behind the sushi bar. I was a little heartbroken.

Jump forward about a year later and I’m checking out a hot-hot-hot new spot in Seojeongri that is blowing up Instagram. I walk in and SURPRISE! My fav chef is behind the counter of his stunning new restaurant. I knew from the first bite that he had created something amazing.

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Soon they were opening up a new branch of Shokuji in Sosabeol. They didn’t stop there, new Shokujis keep opening. The latest one opened near AK Plaza and offers the same type of beautiful setting and exceptional food that we have come to rely on at all Shojuki locations.

It’s incredibly cool to see a local chef having such success in our area. Get out there and support a true hometown favorite, Shokuji! Each spot is perfect for date night. Keep in mind these spots are VERY popular so you can often have a solid 30-40 minute wait for seating, especially on weekends or holidays. They also have a break time from 3-5 at all locations.

Shokuji Godeok coming soon!!!

Shokuji Sosabeol

Shokuji Sosabeol5


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A popular Japanese restaurant started by a local chef. The food is beautiful and delicious. Seating is intimate so its not great for large groups. Closed for Breaktine from 15:00-17:00

Hangul Address

경기 평택시 비전9길 38

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Shokuji Pyeongtaek

Shokuji Pyeongtaek5


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Delicious and beautiful Japanese food. A must try for those that love dining that feels like a whole experience in design and flavor.

Hangul Address

경기 평택시 자유로7번길 8

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Shokuji Godeok

Shokuji Godeok5

Coming Soon! June 2021 *This will route you to the Seojeong-ri location until Godeok Opens* A locally grown Japanese diner chain serving fantastic dishes in beautiful spaces. Instagram ready meals that taste even better than you imagined.

Hangul Address

경기도 평택시 고덕면 고덕국제4길 60-17

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Keep an eye out for Shokuji’s next location and keep them in mind when the Best of Pyeongtaek voting rolls around at at the end of the year.

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