September K-Drama: The Uncanny Counter

The South of Seoul K-drama for September is a popular series that began airing in 2020, “The Uncanny Counter.” This gripping Korean drama follows a group of demon hunters with extraordinary abilities. While navigating their own personal struggles, they protect the human world from malevolent spirits. Let’s learn more about this K-drama and find out why it was so popular.

Breaking Down the Cultural Knowledge

When you watch a K-drama when living in Korea or plan to live in Korea, you may want to go deeper than just the show. In order to fully understand the context of entertainment and the world around you, plan on looking at not only experiencing the movie plot, but also at the actors, music, and cultural conversation.

In order to make it easier to maximize watching K-Dramas for cultural knowledge, I will provide you with some quick links each month related to the South of Seoul recommended K-Drama watch list. If you catch up on all these details you will become a K-pop culture master in no time.

About “The Uncanny Counter”

“The Uncanny Counter” (경이로운 소문) is a South Korean television show that aired its first season in 2020 on OCN Network. Season 2 of the drama was released on tvN in July of 2023. The drama is based on a webtoon by Jang Yi, Amazing Rumor. The story centers around the main character, So Mun, a high school student with a disability. He is enlisted to become part of the Counters, a secret group tasked with hunting down evil spirits that have escaped the afterlife and now inhabit human bodies. The Counters work at a noodle shop, Eonni’s Noodles, which serves as their hideout.

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The series explores themes of supernatural action, personal growth, and the moral complexities of their mission, all while delving into the backstories and character development of the main protagonists. It combines elements of action, fantasy, and drama to create a thrilling and emotionally engaging storyline.

About the Drama’s Success

With the final episode of “The Uncanny Counter” scoring the highest network viewership rating in 2020, the network immediately made plans for a second season of the drama. As season two premiered to higher ratings than season one, it seems to have been the right choice. In addition to local success, the drama has a substantial international following due to the availability of subtitles in multiple languages.

“The Uncanny Counter” was praised for its unique premise, blending supernatural elements with action and drama. Its well-crafted storyline, intriguing mysteries, and character development kept viewers hooked. Also, the drama generated significant buzz on social media platforms, with fans sharing their excitement, discussing plot developments, and creating fan content.

As for awards, “The Uncanny Counter” has one award from season 1. Yeom Hye-ran, who plays Chu Mae-ok, won Best Supporting Actress at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2021.

About the Drama’s Themes

The central theme of “The Uncanny Counter” is the battle between good and evil, particularly in the context of supernatural forces. Throughout the series, they confront the external evil spirits and their inner struggles and question their mission. The theme of good vs. evil is central to the show’s narrative, character development, and the conflict that drives the plot.

In addition to the battle of good and evil, the themes of seeking justice, revenge, forgiveness, and redemption are present in the drama. Many characters in the series have experienced personal tragedies and injustices. The theme of seeking justice and, in some cases, revenge is prevalent as characters confront their pasts and the wrongs committed against them. Also, the show explores the idea of redemption, both for the spirits the Counters encounter and certain characters who have made mistakes in their pasts. Forgiveness and the possibility of redemption play significant roles in character development.

The Music of “The Uncanny Counter”

Whenever a new, popular K-drama hits the screen you hear the music everywhere. Take the time to become familiar with the track list and maybe even memorize one for the norae-bang. This will make you an absolute superstar at social gatherings. Below is a YouTube video with the Original Soundtrack from “The Uncanny Counter.”

Additionally, being able to sing the chorus when you hear the songs in the streets or be able to casually say to a new friend, “Oh, isn’t this the theme song for The Uncanny Counter?” creates a wonderful feeling of connectedness to the world around you.

Behind the Scenes Footage of “The Uncanny Counter”

After watching the K-drama and becoming familiar with the songs, it’s time to learn more about the cast. Watching the cast in behind-the-scenes footage or interviews can help you recognize the actors and actresses in new dramas or advertisements nationwide. Therefore, knowing about the cast enables you to create a language for understanding the visual world around you. Also, it is fun to watch behind-the-scenes footage and interviews where you can see glimpses of the creation of the drama and the interactions of the actors/actresses on set.

The Food of “The Uncanny Counter”

The main hideout for the Counters in “The Uncanny Counter” is Eonni’s Noodles. This noodle shop is a kalguksu shop. The main dish served there is janchi guksu 잔치국수, a warm noodle dish with thin wheat noodles served in a clear, savory broth and garnished with fresh vegetables.

If you want to visit the location of Eonni’s Noodles, it is located in Suwon, Haenggung Mansion, a local cafe.

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