Seosabol: Mr. Healing Cafe

UPDATE: Mr. Healing Cafe in Sosabeol closed during the pandemic. However cafes of this style still exist around Pyeongtaek and South Korea. 
File healing cafes under things we didn’t know we needed until they existed. Last year healing cafes started popping up around Korea and our area. The first one that came to our attention was in Songtan across from the Songtan Bus Terminal. You pay 8,000 won for a drink and then get 10 minutes in a massage chair and a few other things. It’s a nice way to kill some time before a bus or wait for a friend. We thought it was pretty fabulous, but more about the drinks and chilling out with friends.

Food+Fun: Bijeon, Sosabol, 비전, 소사벌
However, this cafe has nothing on Mr. Healing in Soseobol. They have taken the concept to a whole new level. They have a free drink at the end, but the focus is on the healing. For 13,300 won (as of 2018, prices my change so don’t hold us to this) you get 45 minutes in an epic massage chair in a quiet dark space filled with lovely smells. Here is how it works.
Get Ready: When you arrive you will enter a small waiting room/cafe where you will check-in with the person at the register who will take your payment and your drink order. The drinks wont come right away, instead they will be ready when your “treatment” is finished. If the cafe is busy (which it often is) you will wait at one of the cafe tables and an attendant will come get you when space is available. PRO TIP: If you plan to go a lot, you can give them your phone number and every 10th visit you get a free one.
Enter the Healing Space: When the attendant takes you back, remember that this is a healing cafe so you want to be VERY quiet. This isn’t the time to chat with your friends. Everyone is there to escape the noise and rest.
Once you are next to your chair:
  • Take off your shoes and store them in the cabinet on the wall
  • Your personal items will go in a little box/tube that’s provided
  • There should also be a coat hook on the wall
  • You will then slip on cloth slippers before sitting down in the chair
  • Once seated, the attendant will spray your hands with antibacterial spray before you tuck them into the chair
  • They will instruct you on how to adjust the chair for your height
Now that you are situated, you are going to be asked to choose between a kneading and stretching massage. This will most likely be asked in Korean, just do your best. Either one will be great. The massage lasts 45 minutes and you leave feeling like a new person.

When you exit they should have your drinks ready for you. They aren’t the worlds fanciest drinks, but they are a great way to sit and peacefully enjoy your new state of mind and get ready to adjust back into the hustle and bustle outside.

Honestly, this is kind of a must when you are in Soseobol. It’s in the same building as the movie theater so make a plan to go there before your next show. It turns every outing into a rejuvenation. Obviously, it will be the most busy during prime “date” times like Friday nights or weekends.
From a practical standpoint, if you are having muscle pain this is one of the most affordable massage options in the city. This is a way to get the pain worked out without killing your budget. We, personally, use Mr. Healing cafe to maximize our regular massage appointments by getting a chair massage 24-48 hours before a regular massage. The one two punch gives us much better results.

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