Science Museums in Korea

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Grab your kids or some friends and go explore science museums in Korea.

Reasons to Visit Science Museums in Korea

There are many science museums in Korea that both kids and adults may enjoy. Each of the museums offers a unique experience for visitors of all ages. Here are a few of the many reasons to go to a science museum while living and traveling in South Korea:

  1. Learning: Science museums are a great way to learn about scientific concepts and principles. Exhibits are often interactive and engaging, making it easier to understand complex scientific ideas.
  2. Hands-on activities: Many science museums offer hands-on activities, allowing visitors to conduct experiments and see science in action.
  3. Exploration: Science museums often have a variety of exhibits that explore different fields of science. This can be a great way to explore new topics and expand your knowledge.
  4. Inspiration: Science museums can be a source of inspiration, especially for children. Seeing exhibits related to science and technology can spark an interest in these fields and inspire a future career.
  5. Entertainment: Science museums can be a fun way to spend time with family and friends. They offer a unique experience that can be both educational and entertaining.
  6. Community: Science museums often offer community events and programs, creating a space for like-minded individuals to come together and share their interests.

Overall, science museums offer a fun and educational experience that can benefit people of all ages and backgrounds.

Kids get to interact!

Issues Expats May Face When Visiting Science Museums

While visiting science museums in Korea can be a great experience, there may be some hurdles that expats face. Some of these hurdles may include:

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  1. Language barrier: Many of the exhibits in Korean science museums are written in Korean, which can make it difficult for non-Korean speakers to fully understand and appreciate the exhibits.
  2. Cultural differences: There may be some cultural differences that can make it difficult for expats to fully engage with the exhibits or understand the context of the museum.
  3. Cost: Admission fees to some science museums may be a deterrent for some expats who may be on a tight budget.
  4. Distance: Some science museums may be located in areas that are difficult to access, especially for expats who may not be familiar with the transportation system in Korea.
  5. Crowds: Science museums in Korea can be popular tourist destinations, which means that they can often be crowded, making it difficult to fully engage with the exhibits. This should especially be true on Red Days and school holidays.

To overcome these hurdles, ex-pats visiting science museums in Korea can consider booking a guided tour in their native language, downloading translation apps, researching cultural differences before visiting, and checking for discounts or free admission days.

Plenty of dino’s to grab your attention.

Seven Science Museums in Korea

Now that you know a little bit about what to expect, here are seven great science museums to visit with your friends and families.

Eunsan Eoullim Ecological Museum

Eunsan Eoullim Ecological Museum 2


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Reservations Recommended: “I would recommend contacting them in advance tho. I went there bc someone else went there and when we arrived we werent allowed in while the tour was going and yet there wasnt anyone working registration so we just left.” Great advice from a community member. Call 1330 to get help with how to make a reservation Very educational tour of reptiles and amphibians. Mostly in Korean.

Hangul Address

경기 평택시 진위면 은산길 34-8

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Located in Osan City, Eunsan Eoullim Ecology Museum recommends that you make a reservation for your visit. If you go without reservations, you may be disappointed because you will not be included in the class (or ongoing tour) and will be left on your own. However, reservations can be made by booking on Naver. This museum specializes in amphibians and reptiles.

Environmental Science Center5

A large park dedicated to learning about environmental science; the Asan Insect Museum and the Asan Green Tower are part of this complex. Great place to take the kids - theres a splash pad in the summer, and a large outdoor area with playgrounds and bathrooms fit for families.

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Environmental Science Center (or Asan Ecological Environment Insect Museum) is in Asan. This large park is dedicated to learning more about environmental science. There are various tropical plants, and the area includes over 40 types of creatures, including tarantulas and scorpions. Also, the site has the Green Tower Observation Deck, and the Asan Insect Museum included.

Hong Dae-yong Science Museum

Hong Dae-yong Science Museum2


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This astronomy and science museum is dedicated to Damheon Hong Dae-yong, a scholar of the Realist School of Confucianism in the late Joseon Dynasty. The 4-story museum was opened in July 2014, and it contains diverse exhibition halls including the Thematic Hall, Science History Hall, Science Experience Hall, Planetarium, and Astronomical Observatory. Admission is inexpensive and parking is available.

Hangul Address

충남 천안시 동남구 수신면 장산서길 113

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Located in Busan, Hong Dae-yong Science Museum was named after the inventor who developed the first Korean-made sewing machine. The museum focuses on the life and work of Hong Dae-yong. Also, it is dedicated to the history and development of science and technology in Korea. Exhibits include displays of Hong Dae-yong’s inventions and interactive exhibits for exploring scientific concepts.

National Science Museum (Daejeon)

National Science Museum (Daejeon)5


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Reservations required: Times 0930 to 1130 1230 to 1430 1530 to 1730 Area includes: Dinosaur playground Science and technology hall Natural history hall (1F Dinosaurs and wildlife, 2F human evolution) Science Hall Science playground Planetarium Future technology hall Park walks Space Camp Food court Cafes 7-11 Restaurant Global ATM

Hangul Address

대전 유성구 대덕대로 481

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Located in Daejeon, the National Museum of Science and Technology covers various sciences, from physics and chemistry to astronomy and biology. Exhibits include interactive displays, live demonstrations, and educational programs for children and adults.

Daegu National Science Museum

Daegu National Science Museum0


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At Daegu National Science Museum, children can explore the world of science while they play and participate in diverse hands-on activities. Various science programs provide opportunities for children to use their imagination and creativity as they engage in learning. Exhibition Hall Information Exhibition halls, Science Terrace, Nature Education Site, Planetarium, Science Playground, etc. Subsidiary Facilities Cafeteria, storage lockers Restrooms Available Admission / Participation Fees [Permanent Exhibition] Individuals - Adults 3,000 won / Children 2,000 won Groups - Adults 2,000 won / Children 1,000 won * Free admission: Preschoolers and senior citizens [4D Theater/Planetarium] Individuals - Adults 2,000 won / Children & Senior citizens - 1,000 won Groups - Adults 1,000 won / Children & Senior citizens – 500 won * Adults (ages 20 & over) / Children (ages 7-19) / Preschoolers (ages 6 & under) / Senior citizens (ages 65 & over) * Fees are subject to change. Please check the official website before visiting. Parking Facilities Available Parking Fee Small and mid-sized vehicles (less than 25 seats) 2,000 won Vans and buses (25 seats or more) 5,000 won * 50% discount applies to compact vehicles (less than 1,000cc) Reservations Online reservation available via official website

Hangul Address

대구광역시 달성군 유가읍 테크노대로6길 20

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

The Daegu National Science Museum is located in Daegu and features a variety of interactive exhibits covering a wide range of science topics. The presentations engage visitors by including hands-on activities, games, and demonstrations. More popular exhibits include a giant piano that visitors can play with their feet, a virtual reality space exploration exhibit, and a simulated earthquake experience. Also, this museum hosts temporary exhibitions and educational programs.

Naro Space Science Center

Naro Space Science Center 0


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Space and science center.

Hangul Address

전남 고흥군 봉래면 하반로 490

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) established Naro Space Science Center in Goheung, Jeollanam-do. The museum features exhibits and activities educating visitors about the universe. The Planetarium features a 23-meter dome with state-of-the-art projection technology creating an immersive night sky and beyond. In addition to the museum, they operate a research center and a rocket launch site.

Yangpyeong Insect Museum

Yangpyeong Insect Museum0


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Hangul Address

경기 양평군 옥천면 경강로 1496

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Yangpyeong Insect Museum is located in Yangpyeong. Dedicated to insects, it features over 20,000 specimens from around the world. The exhibits educate visitors about the different types of insects and their importance in the natural world. The displays and activities include both live and preserved specimens. Popular exhibits include a silkworm room and a butterfly house.

How to Source Additional Information About These Locations

Whenever you have questions about things like business hours, you can use the free foreigner support app/phone number 1330. In addition, this is really helpful especially around holidays to make sure if a business will be open when you want to visit. With this app, you can prevent a wasted trip to a location when they are enjoying their regular day off or a holiday.

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