Dog Rules Fines In Pyeongtaek

Did you know that you can get tickets for your pets? Each administrative area of Korea creates its own rules regarding pet ticketing. This blog looks at the rules in Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do.

New Culture Means New Pet Rules

Many international residents in Korea have dogs and sometimes it’s hard to be sure exactly what the rules are. In order to help clarify some things, I went to Pyeongtaek City and asked them about their pet rules and fines.

Pyeongtaek City Posted Pet Policy:

Be considerate of others and understand not everyone loves pets. Some people are scared of them. This means that when people feel uncomfortable around you and your pet, you are the one who should adjust to the situation.

The Problem with ‘Considerate’

This should be one of the easiest rules to follow but we have found it’s not. The term “considerate” means different things to different people and different cultures. Even in one country, ‘be considerate of others’ could mean many different things.

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The concept of being ‘considerate’ also becomes complicated when people don’t share the same language. One person may feel they are being considerate while the other person feels threatened. In this situation, both are correct and both are wrong at the same time. When you add pets into the equation, things get complicated quickly.

‘Considerate’ in Korea

In Korea being considerate of other people may include:

  • Using a muzzle for large breed dogs.
  • Avoiding certain areas with many older people or children.
  • Keep your dog leashed closely when others are around.
  • Leaving an area where people feel uncomfortable around your dog.
  • Not getting in the elevator with your dog when other people are in it.

We know this may feel difficult to adjust to and people will be more scared of larger dogs than smaller dogs. The following video is in Korean but it also helps give you an idea of how Pyeongtaek views being considerate about pets.

Pyeongtaek Fines for Pets

The following fines can be assigned based on the following issues:

  • Pets must be leashed. Should be decent and appropriate in length  FINE: 100,000 won 
  • Pets must be tagged. The tag must specify the owner’s name, contact number, etc.  FINE: 200,000 won
  • Residents must pick up after dogs (so carry bags with you). FINE: 100,000 won
  • You are required to care for the pets you adopt for their lifetime. Abandoned pets FINE: 1,000,000 Won.
  • All pets must be registered by 3 months old. They are registered with the Pyeongtaek City Livestock Division at your nearby animal hospital. Koreans use chips to register their animals. FINE: 400,000 won. (learn more at

If you need more information than this: Contact the Pyeongtaek City Livestock Division at phone number 031-8024-3840~4