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This blog was created because I love living my expat life in Pyeongtaek. Love eating the food, doing the things, and going to the places. It’s also delightful to support my community and stay involved with the world around me.
However, while typing away on my next novel I realized there is something you can do to support the blog. If you find South of Seoul enjoyable or useful in anyway, you can buy my novel Chasing Tales
on Amazon.  It just happens to be all about living the expat life, eating the food, drinking the drinks, making the friends, and doing the stuff. So it should be right up your ally. It’s also available for kindle for $2.99. I promise it’s not as bad as you might think, a few folks have even told me it’s changed their lives. Which seems a bit intense, but also makes me happy.

Wait, you’re not done yet! When you finish the book, and this is actually the most important part, can you pretty PLEASE review it on Amazon and Goodreads?  
In the next year (ish) I will be releasing the second book in the series and I need to get back on the requesting reviews wagon. Most people don’t even know I write books at all so any amount of promotion is better than I’ve done in the past. So if you have been to a restaurant or people have been to your restaurant because of South of Seoul, consider reading the book and posting a review. I’d be over the moon and back. 
Thank you all and happy eating.