Pumpkin Duck in Pyeongtaek

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Have you tried Pumpkin Duck in Pyeongtaek? We feel this Korean dish is one of the best foods ever.

Where is Pyeongtaek

Feel free to skip this section if you live in Pyeongtaek or know about the area.

Pyeongtaek-si is outlined in blue.

Pyeongtaek-si is located in the southern portion of the Gyeonggi-do province. This large city includes both US military installations, Camp Humphreys and Osan Air Base.

The pumpkin duck restaurant recommendations provided exist within the city of Pyeongtaek.

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Therefore, In this blog post, South of Seoul provides addresses and phone numbers. However, we recommend using this information in either Naver Maps or Kakao Maps for the best results. As a result, such apps help you figure out how far each restaurant might be from you.

What is Pumpkin Duck?

One of Pyeongtaek’s best kept culinary secrets is a dish known as Pumpkin Duck. It is, quite simply, duck that has been cooked inside of a Korean pumpkin. Yes, I know this sounds too simple to be dreamy perfection, but just trust us on this one – you need to try it.

Also, don’t wait until halfway through your time here to give it a try. If you love it as much we do you are going to want to eat here as many times as possible during your stay. We don’t want you to live with regrets.

pumpkin duck in pyeongtaek

Pumpkin Duck Restaurants in Pyeongtaek

There are are two restaurants where this dish is best. There are two near Osan Air Base and one opened up closer to Sosabeol. So, it is easier for you to get an opportunity to enjoy this.

Remember, as is Korean dinner tradition, Pumpkin Duck isn’t a meal for one person. Two people or more are needed to make this happen.

Pumpkin Duck Shabu Shabu 호박오리샤브샤브

The first option, and our favorite, is where the Pumpkin Duck is a second course served after a duck broth Shabu Shabu filled with shaved pork and fresh vegetables. We love this meal because it’s delicious, filling, and affordable. The new location is also romantic, beautiful, and hard to find. Located one a one-lane road behind a local university. If you think you are completely lost, you are most likely headed in the right direction.

Pumpkin Duck Shabu Shabu

Pumpkin Duck Shabu Shabu5


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A wide variety of side dishes, excellent fresh greens, delicious pork, and duck roasted in pumpkin make this an area favorite.

Hangul Address

경기 평택시 장안웃길 56-70

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Pumpkin Duck Shabu Shabu New!

Pumpkin Duck Shabu Shabu New!4.5


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Pumpkin duck shabu shabu course meal. Larger modern restaurant with plenty of parking in the back.

Hangul Address

경기 평택시 관동길 5

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

pumpkin duck in pyeongtaek

Also Duck 또오리

If you want to focus only on the Pumpkin Duck, then this is the restaurant you want to try. It’s a bit more expensive and a bit easier to find but just as delicious. The restaurant is also older and has a more traditional feel.

Tto Duck

Tto Duck0


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

Lots of duck dishes. Pumpkin duck. Great banchan

Hangul Address

경기 평택시 오리곡길 29-5

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Honestly, though, if you have any interest in duck or delicious food these are two must try spots. We consider this one of the best foodie meals in the area.

How to Source Additional Information About These Locations

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