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Who is SOS Public Health trying to reach?

Today, University of Utah alumni, Lisa Peck, and South of Seoul are launching the first Public Health survey. This survey aims to reach the English-speaking international population living in South Korea. The target international population includes expats, migrant workers, students, religious missionaries, and military affiliated individuals and families.

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Public Health Survey QR code
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What is the SOS Public Health survey assessing?

The SOS Public Health survey will assess the international community’s general access to primary medical care in Korea. The survey estimates approximately 25 minutes to completion. This robust survey consists of 84 questions broken down into the following sections:

  • Demographic information
  • Social support and social integration
  • Personal cultural competencies
  • Comparison of healthcare access between home country and Korea
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Language barriers

All survey responses will remain anonymous. The information provided by respondents will not be tied to their identity in any way.

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Why is SOS Public Health implementing such a robust a survey?

SOS Public Health desires to understand what the international community truly needs in regard to primary medical care. The information provided in this survey will allow SOS Public Health to find gaps in community knowledge and pinpoint specific obstacles that the international community face with primary healthcare. Furthermore, SOS Public Health will use survey data to focus research efforts in these areas to better educate and inform the community of ways to advocate for themselves in the healthcare setting.

How can I participate in the SOS Public Health Survey?

Any and all international residents currently living in South Korea are welcome to participate in the SOS Public Health Survey. This survey will be available from today, Monday, July 12th until at 11:59 p.m. Friday, July 23rd. Implemented solely online via Google Forms, the survey can be accessed from a computer, smartphone or tablet device. Simply scan the QR code provided below or click this link to begin.

Public Health Survey QR code
Scan to take the SOS Public Health Survey

What can I do to help if I am not eligible to participate in the survey?

If you are not an international resident currently living in South Korea, you can help by sharing the survey link with family and friends who are international residents in South Korea. The survey link will be posted on the SOS Public Health and South of Seoul Facebook and Instagram pages for easy sharing. The more responses received from the survey, the better research conducted will be which, in turn, will allow South of Seoul to better serve the South Korean international community.

Sharing is Caring

Over the years working with the international community in South Korea, South of Seoul discovered a disconnect in information sharing between South Korean organizations and the foreign community in regard to primary health care. With a lack of information dissemination, many members of the community struggled to access basic health care. This discovery led to the creation of the South of Seoul Public Health Program (SOS Public Health).

Public Health Survey QR Code
Scan to take the SOS Public Health Survey

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