Pro Wrestling Society: Next Event 9/9

When Pro Wrestling Society posted they were opening a Pyeongtaek gym I was straight HYPE! One of my best friends and housemate is obsessed with professional wrestling so I was on Kakao immediately telling him that if he didn’t show up for their next training event he didn’t even need to come home (I truly told him that. I meant it).

You might ask, “Why didn’t you go if you were so hype?” The answer is because I’m already committed to studying for a Masters in International Teaching at Namseoul University (Which I LOVE. You can read old blogs about that if you search) on the days the group meets. If I wasn’t buried under South of Seoul, work, and graduate school I would have been there.

Well, my roomie was ON IT and he came back pumped. He said the others in attendance were fun, the teacher was great, and he had a blast. After each training session, he would come back and  2+1 (What we have named our household. You will find out why in our podcast we are working on.) would spend the night coming up with hype scenarios and costumes. A hugely delightful way to spend our time. Still hoping out the roomie will be in an upcoming fight someday! However, he missed the first one because he was traveling to see family all summer. He was messaging ring entrance demos to the house Kakao group during vacation so there is hope.

Even with him gone I wasn’t going to miss the first big event. In fact, despite barely being able to walk from an ankle injury I was front and center at the first official Pyeongtaek Pro Wrestling Society event. It was AWESOME! Never could have predicted what a great job they would do. I thought it would be good, but this was GREAT! Non-stop entertainment. The athletes brought there A game and the main event was truly spectacular with big moves I never imagined they would try. It was even breathtaking at moments.

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There were over 100 people there and they were into it. There was cheering, taunting, gasping, and laughing. Even the heat didn’t get them down. The crowd embraced their role and made us smile as much as the wrestlers. It’s only going to get better from here! When you come to the next one, be ready to cheer and yell! I’m sure costumes are welcome.

If you have ever been into professional wrestling or if you just want to see something amazing you NEED to show up for this it’s FABULOUS! Actually, if you just love fun be there. Let’s make these HUGE!

The next event is actually even on the calendar! September 9th! Don’t miss this.

You can follow the South of Seoul calendar to stay current on this and other events in Pyeongtaek, Cheonan, and Asan.