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Yesterday we arrived home from work to a special delivery of mandu from Oh Mandu in Cheonan. They are a small home business that just started up a few weeks ago. They specialize in small batch, hand-made, traditional and unique mandu flavors. They currently offer Chinese, vegetarian, and Mexican flavors but have others they are working to perfect. They are very new so it’s an exciting time to try them. I love ordering from new ventures like this because it’s like going on a taste adventure.

Since we were way to busy to coordinate a pickup and drop-off, Oh Mandu was wonderful enough to accommodate us by shipping ours to us. Since we are fine with paying a bit of shipping fee to have quality food like this arrive like magic at our home, this system worked great for us. The order came packaged in a Styrofoam box with ice pouch. So easy. So worth it. (Shipping prices vary base on order size.)

Honestly, we had no idea what to expect. Random person starts making mandu in their kitchen and selling them, anything could happen. We never let that bother us though and we jumped in with booth feet. We cooked up 5 Chinese and 5 vegetarian mandu straight away.

Although Oh Mandu recommend using a microwave to warm the mandu, we don’t own one and instead prefer traditional ways of reheating so we created a makeshift steamer. We steamed for around 3 minutes each (rough guess) and figured we had probably ruined them completely, but we hadn’t! They came out like little dreamy clouds of deliciousness. They just melted in our mouths. So friggen good. We ate them until we could barely move. So much having them for snacks later.

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads

We our favorite was by far the Chinese Mandu, although the vegetarian was still very good. It just didn’t pop like in quite the same way. Still, if I was vegetarian I would be ordering these Mandu constantly. Honestly, so friggen good. We were just seduced by the meaty goodness in the Chinese version.

We still need to try the Mexican mandu. It’s at home calling our name in the freezer. After we eat it up we will definitely be putting in an order for more. Goodbye e-mart mandu and hello Oh Mandu.

If you would like to give Oh Mandu a try just you can find them on FB at Oh Mandu where you can place an order, like their page, and leave a review.  Please keep in mind this is a small, family owned mico business just starting out. If they make mistakes be kind. Give them healthy feedback for improving their systems and offer solutions when you can. We had a great experience, but we always like to remind people that small businesses have growing pains and responsive consumers can help them move through them and grow into something wonderful.

And – of course – Happy eating.