Pyeongtaek Craft Beer Society: Oh Brewery and Cafe Introduction

The perfect spot to enjoy the sea view while drinking a craft beer. Add this brewery and cafe to your next Seosan trip.

About Oh Brewery and Cafe in Seosan, South Korea

The Oh Brewery and Cafe (간월 오비어카페 수제맥주) nestled on the beach in Ganwol-do, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do was an interesting experience. Not quite a dedicated brewery, it served baked goods, coffee, and had a bread bowl mushroom soup and a “Korean” pizza with hot dog and veggie toppings. The food was underwhelming and we didn’t try the baked goods, but they appeared tasty and were popular with other visitors. The beer, however, was worth the trip.

Oh Brewery bottles of their IPA and weizen.

They offered four beers: a pale ale, IPA, Weizen, and stout. Their IPA and Weizen were true to form. The IPA had a great blend and amount of hops and the Weizen a perfect wheat taste, typical of a Belgian witbier or German Weizenbier. The IPA had more hoppiness than most Korean IPA’s I’ve had. I took to-go the stout and ale to try at home and will post about them at a later date.

Oh Brewery And Cafe

Oh Brewery And Cafe0


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Hangul Address

충남 서산시 부석면 간월도2길 32

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About the Owner and a Tour

We bumped into the owner (didn’t catch his name, but perhaps Mr. Oh, as in “Oh” Brewery?) while looking at his distilling equipment and he offered us a swig of homemade soju, which was the best tasting I’ve ever had–seriously. Hereinafter, I will refer to the owner as Mr. Oh. I can’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed the taste of soju, but his was special. It had a slight sweetness to it with a hint of rice. At 46% ABV, it was very strong but definitely tasty. I don’t believe Mr. Oh actually sells his soju, so we were lucky to have made his acquaintance.

We began talking about homebrewing and learned Mr. Oh’s brewery was a “passion project” from his years of homebrewing. He started brewing as a hobby in 2015 and decided to professionally brew in 2020 by opening the brewery/cafe, which is a family business. I asked his teenage son, who also accompanied us around if he wanted to also brew and carry on his father’s work, to which he responded ‘yes,’ to the surprise of his father. Mr. Oh didn’t realize his son wanted to learn the craft. I say go for it!

A tour of the facilities at Oh

After asking for a quick tour, Mr. Oh obliged and apologized for the slight mess in the brewery. I told him that it wasn’t a mess and looked well used and had character. He showed me one of his fermenters full of double IPA and poured some directly into a jug. My goodness, it was absolute perfection at 9% ABV. These fermenters were chilled to help preserve the beer and this double IPA was great chilled. Mr. Oh said he was working on paperwork for the government before offering it for sale. After the quick tour and tasting, we thanked him for his hospitality and wished him and his son well.

Would I come back?

Pizza from Oh Brewery and Cafe

A great, quality product and a perfect view, I highly recommend a visit to Oh Brewery. It is a 90 mins’ish from Pyeongtaek City or Anjeong-ri. There are also a bunch of seafood restaurants and boardwalk in the area to make a day of it. Dog friendly on the upstairs patio. The soup and pizza–I would skip since it’s not my style, but the beer? YES!

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