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Want to know more about Nomadic Brewing, the featured brewery at Pyeongtaek Craft Beer Society (PCBC) and Osan Craft Beer Club (OCBC) upcoming Pop-up at Riverun Cafe in Pyeongtaek, South Korea? Get to know them in the following blog.

Nomadic Brewing Interview

After Even Post Update: Kimchi Rednecks interviewed Nomadic Brewing a the Craft Beer Pop-up! Check out the event video here!

Nomadic Brewing Pop-up at Riverun Cafe

November 11th, 2022 – PCBS adn OCBC will host a Nomadic Brewing pop-up and Fun Run at Riverrun Cafe in Pyeongtaek-si. The ticketed event will benefit the Homeward Bound Osan Animal Shelter. The event will include both a fun run and beer tasting popup at one of Pyeongtaek-si’s epic river view cafes.

Riverun Cafe in Pyeongtaek will host the Nomadic Brewing Pop-up.
Riverun Cafe And Dooleys Pets

Riverun Cafe And Dooleys Pets4.7


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From Pyeongtaek Food & Fun, Devin Tennent says: cafe and dog park! Naver search: Cafe Ribeoreon & Dooly Pets Beautiful grounds and a few different buildings to choose from, also a big parking area. Today I just grabbed a cold brew, definitely coming back to try more things. They even have a “petpuccino”. Contact 1330 for details on dig park rules. You just go to the main building “A” to order and then you can go wherever. It’s also located so close to the paved bike path along the river and Simboksa Temple.

Hangul Address

경기 평택시 현덕면 덕목5길 106-33 카페 리버런

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Purchase tickets for the Craft Beer Pop-up through either PCBC, OCBC, or Cosmic Cat Donuts in Songtan or Paengseong.

Craft Beer Pop-up Poster
Cosmic Cat Paengseong

Cosmic Cat Paengseong4.8

American style donuts filled with flavor.

Hangul Address

경기도 평택시 팽성읍 안정순환로222번길 93-3

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Thank you to South of Seoul as well as other local businesses such as FedMedi, Shuttle Food Delivery, Tailgate, AWOL, Chicken & Beer Pub, Carrot Mart 2, and Loft33 for their support for the Craft Beer Pop-up and bringing Nomadic Brewing to Pyeongtaek-si.

About Nomadic Brewing

Nomadic Brewing Co. is an independently owned and operated brewery located in southwestern South Korea in the city of Jeonju.  The brewery’s motto, “Balanced beer, balanced life,” feels evident in all aspects of Nomadic:  they make the beer with local ingredients whenever possible, the food menu includes varied, unique, and healthy options, and the pubs are only open five days a week to allow the staff to recharge.

Example of Nomadic Brewing Beers

The Founder

The owner and head brewer, John, is from arguably the best state in America, Michigan. John formally studied brewing in Chicago, IL, and Munich, Germany, at the World Brewing Academy. His focus on his craft is evident in the high-quality and balanced flavors of his beers. Nomadic typically offers five signature beers and upwards of ten seasonal brews. Nomadic has a very limited distribution area, and it is virtually impossible to find Nomadic beers in Pyeongtaek.

Current Nomadic Beers

Some of Nomadic’s beers include: 

  • The biscuity cream ale Glamping
  • Hanok Stay, a citrus session ale made with Korean rice syrup;
  • Folklore, am 8% ABV rye double IPA
  • Birra Café Latte, a coffee ale with hints of caramel and strawberry;
  • Chocopeanut, a peanut stout with coffee and chocolate flavors.

Nomadic Brewery Locations

Nomadic’s brewery is in Jeonju along with its two pubs. One pub, the Beer Temple, is collocated with the brewery, while the Beer Garden is conveniently situated in the historic Hanok Village. The Hanok Village is the largest collection of traditional homes in Korea. It is a destination that requires a day or two to experience all that is offered. Guests can even stay in a Hanok room overnight, and many fine restaurants also occupy traditional Hanok structures. 

Nomadic Brewing

Nomadic Brewing5


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This place is incredible. Jeonju is one of the most interesting and culture-rich cities Ive yet seen. The Hanok Village area feels like a more intimate little brother to the Suwon-Fortress, but with more quirky little winding alleys and so much life. The surrounding area has beautiful misty hills as well. Nomadic Beer Garden is located right at the edge of Hanok Village and has an ultra friendly staff, wonderful array of food on the menu, and a constantly rotating line-up of exceptional and truly unique craft beers. Cannot recommend this city and this brewery enough. Hidden gems for sure.

Hangul Address

전북 전주시 완산구 전라감영3길 12-10

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

The Outside of Nomadic Garden
Nomadic Garden Taps
Nomadic Beer Garden

Nomadic Beer Garden0


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

A craft beer tap room in the Hanok area.

Hangul Address

전북 전주시 완산구 향교길 57

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

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