NEW Jeju Island Recommendations in South of Seoul App for June 2021!

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What is the Jeju Monthly Round-Up?

On the last Friday of each month we share our newest Jeju Island recommendations by the South of Seoul community. We have volunteers in Jeju and community members visiting Jeju every month. They constantly add new places they love! You can learn more about their trips by joining the Pyeongtaek Travelers Facebook Group.

Where can you find all of these great recommendations for Jeju-Do (Jeju Island)?

Each of these listings is in the South of Seoul app available for free to everyone in the Google Place and Apple App Store. Each South of Seoul listing allows you to copy the name of the business in English or Korean, the phone number, and the address in Korean so that you can easily find additional information about the recommendation in Naver Maps, Kakao Maps, or Instagram. You can also route directly to where you want to go FROM the South of Seoul app!

What’s NEW for Jeju the South of Seoul App!

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Should I go to Jeju Island this week?

Air quality and weather change throughout the day. However, having an idea of what the air quality is right now can help make decisions easier. You can download the Air Matters App for your phone to keep current on changing air quality conditions throughout the day. You can even set up alerts.

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads

If you hover over the following Air Quality graphic you will be able to see a 3-day air quality estimate.

Remember that air quality changes around Korea. It may be poor quality in one area and excellent elsewhere. Checking air quality can be a great way to choose where to go, what activities to do when you get there, and when to be inside or outside. It also can help you decide if you should purchase and carry air filter masks for outdoor activities.

Current Weather in Jeju

For those that prefer the weather in fahrenheit, the following report may help.

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