Neighborhood Intro: Jinwi

Pyeongtaek-si (평택시) is made up of many different, unique little neighborhoods. Over the last 2 years Pyeongtaek neighborhoods have been reorganized, a new address system created, and – often – completely new names assigned. Combine this with the constantly changing English Speaking population that rotates through each year, and life becomes like a big game of Telephone as half information turns into mythical information. That’s where South of Seoul comes in. We are on the ground and updating the South of Seoul app each time we are alerted to a change or inconsistency. We also let folks know of why things are weird and the tricks to getting around these inconsistencies so life becomes smoother. Which means…. always let us know if a business is closed, a new one has opened, or something isn’t working right! We make those changes and keep things running smoothly. Now let’s learn about a local neighborhood:

Introducing Jinwi (진위)

Jinwi is the northernmost subway stop in Pyeongtaek-si, one stop before Osan, and ends on the border of Yongin in the east. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful and overlooked areas due to the lack of public transportation and the fact there is no reason to go there unless you have a destination in mind. You don’t accidentally end up in Jinwi. However, the fact people miss out on it is a total shame. Especially if you live near Osan AFB. Jinwi has some of the best things for families. We have seen English spelling variations include Jinhee, Jinwee, and Jinhi.

What is there to do here?

Despite the area being sparsely populated and not very big, the area is actually packed with things to do outdoors like two family-friendly outdoor pools, a sledding slope, youth camp, river path, temple, traditional school, hiking, delicious Korean restaurants, historical places, and more. As a bonus, because it’s rural these places (except the pools on a hot day) are rarely packed. Often you will be almost alone.

This area is for the people are looking to get away from hustle and bustle. It’s also for Korean food lovers. Go check out the restaurants along the river.

What about transportation?

We aren’t going to lie, there isn’t a lot of public transit here. You need a bike or a car to get around. The good news is that biking and parking here is a snap so go forth and explore.

Subway: Jinwi Station

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads

Parking: Free and pretty much park where you want. It’s the countryside.

Buses: Not many. Best to take a car or a bike.