fyi: This photo is not from Pyeongtaek, most places here are even nicer

Right now my hips are tied up like knots and I’m looking forward to my next Thai Massage, a monthly or bi-monthly habit that has greatly improved my quality of life since moving to Korea.  In the states I would never afford a regular treatment with prices in the Seattle area skyrocketing to $120 for 45 minutes.  Which is ridiculous.

When I first started looking for massages here I was skeptical.  When I heard the prices from friends I thought, “Well, maybe they just aren’t very good at it or have no training” Which was a stupid thought.  Also, I was scared to check out any of the massage places I saw around town because I was afraid to wander into a brothel.  It’s a possibility.

In order to avoid this I asked a friend if she had a recommendation and she sent me to The Foot Shop which is in downtown Pyeongtaek city (Read More Here).  I loved it, but it became quite busy and I needed to make reservations, plus I moved to a different area so I haven’t been in a while. Still, it’s a great place and worth a try if you are in that area.

Over the years I’ve tried sports massage, milk massage, Korean massage, aroma/oil massage, Chinese Massage, etc.  Whatever they are offering, I’m willing to try at least once.  In the end, I always come back to the Thai Massage because it does the most to put my joints and spine back where they are supposed to be.

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads

When you are looking for the place that is right for you, go out and just visit a few in your neighborhood.  Don’t worry, if they are scary you can just run away.  I’ve certainly wandered into a few that were practicing the oldest profession, but all you have to do is say, “I’m sorry!” and turn around.  Nobody will bother you.  Basically, if there are pink lights run away.

Appointments: Many legit massage shops are open 24 hrs and you can easily get a walk in appointment, especially in the morning.  In four years I have only come across two places that were full when I arrived.

Discounts: Take cash. Most shops will give you a 10,000 – 20,000 discount for using it.  They also often give discounts if you go before 11 am and some have punch cards.

Nudity: Usually you will be given a prison uniform just like with you visit a sauna.  If you are a female and wear extra large clothing, they might not have one to fit you so bring loose shorts and t-shirt.

Privacy:  They usually have very nice changing rooms and showers.  Each person is in their own private room, but they also have large rooms for friends and couples.  Usually people go with someone so feel free to go with your friends.

Timing: The staff that work at these shops are on-call.  That means if it’s slow they might be at home and it will take them 10-15 minutes to get back to work.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy your tea.  This is part of the process.

Language:  If you get a massage within 5 miles of either base they most likely have someone on staff who speaks English.  Otherwise pointing and smiling works just fine. They have generally have menus at the front desk where you can look at prices and times, if they don’t then maybe it’s a brothel.  Don’t be scared though, you will find the right place for you and have relaxing time and come out feeling brand new.

Price: I usually pay between 60,000 – 90,000 for two hours for basic Thai massage.  I wouldn’t pay more than that unless it’s something special.

Seojeongri Station: 9.8/10 Naver Stars
NAME: 허브스토리마사지
Driving Address: 경기도 평택시 서정역로 22
Exact Address: 지번 서정동 340-1 3층

NAME: 영통타이마사지
Driving Address: 경기도 수원시 영통구 봉영로 1612 보보스프라자
Exact Address: 영통동 996-4 샴푸관광나이트
Seojeongri: 10/10 Naver stars
Driving Address: 경기도 고양시 덕양구 서정마을1로 4-9 
Exact Address: 미라클프라자 행신동 1080-3 미라클프라자 5층
PRO TIP: If you speak Korean, or have a friend to help you, 
you can search the country for massage studios here: