Masks: Function Meets Fashion

Learning to live with COVID-19 means embracing masks and changing how we see them in our lives. That’s right, masks are here to stay and South of Seoul is here for it. We asked ourselves, “How can we make masks a vibe?” If this is life now, how can we embrace it?”

We decided challenge our socially distanced volunteers. We asked a few of them to grab their phones and share some of their favorite quarantine styles. In our eyes, our fashion icon Phylesia certainly won the challenge. What do you think? Here are some our volunteers favorite looks.

Phylesia looks perfectly put together with this mask and boots combo that is both safety conscious, stylish, and professional. She chose a black, disposable mask with full face coverage that is both comfortable and practical.
Harry likes to blend skater style with classic pieces. He is wearing a ventilated, washable black mask with replaceable filters that he has combined with a comfortable H&M hoodie and classic overcoat.
Lance styled a government supplied white mask with with a kaki jacket, t-shirt, and trendy jogging pants while picking up BBQ at JP’s BBQ in Sinjang-dong.
While taking a river walk, Lanae styled her washable, ventilated mask with a classic grey t-shirt and a Marmot baseball cap for a casual but stylish weekend look.
Phylesia is staying healthy and fit by wearing a white, disposable mask with yoga pants and a grey t-shirt.
Rebeqa chose a classic government issue mask but combined it with a little black dress and a brightly colored designer jacket for a day running errands and picking up supplies.
Phylesia knows is once gain the queen of keeping masks sexy. Her head-to-toe look is flawless.
Rebeqa styles a white mask into the perfect Geek-Girl look. Complete with protective eye wear for added protection when going out in public to pick-up dinner at JP’s BBQ in Sinjang-dong..
Lance (Right) is wearing a washable mask ventilated mask while Lanae (left) is wearing a classic disposable mask coupled with a washable, hiking gator for added protection.

What is your mask vibe? Do you have a favorite brand that you find most comfortable, or a favorite style you always order because you are not only safe but look super cool? Share them on our FB page! We want to see your looks!