Magnificent Macarons in Pyeongtaek

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by: Angela Alvis, South of Seoul volunteer

Macarons may have originated in Europe, but Korea has taken this delicate confection and transformed it into something else entirely. Korean macarons are heavily filled with not just cream or jam but a whole assortment of unique ingredients. Everything from fruity rice cereal to whole strawberries can be found between the soft chewy cookie shells. These fat macarons, or fatarons, are beautiful and delicious. Macarons are becoming a unique aspect of Korean food culture and are displayed on everyone’s social media pages.

Here are some magnificent macarons around Pyeongtaek to fill your Instagram and your belly.

Maison de Creme

Maison de Creme is a charming cafe serving more traditional macarons and a variety of desserts and coffee as well as lunch and dinner. The warm interior and variety of seating options makes this a place to come and stay for awhile.

Address: 경기 평택시 문화촌로번길 11 | Phone: 070-8659-9518 | Instagram: maisondecreme

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Carrot 1975

Carrot 1975 is located near Pyeongtaek Port. The sleek minimalist interior serves as the perfect backdrop to your macaron photos. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the comfortable seating.

Address: 경기 평택시 포승읍 여술2길 15 센터마크6 111호 carrot1975 | Phone: 010-5592-1975 | Instagram: carrot_1975

Macaron Julie

Macaron Julie is a take out macaron shop located near Pyeongtaek Station. They have some of the largest macarons around and specialize in whimsical seasonal variations so be sure to come back often.

Address: 경기 평택시 평택로 17 롯데인벤스 상가 102호 마카롱줄리 | Phone: 031-618-9393 |
Instagram: macaron_julie084


Psyche macarons are colorful bursts of flavor, in contrast to the typical pastel macarons. Ice cream and coffee is also served here with a few tables available for indoor and outdoor seating.

Address: 경기 평택시 비전2로 212 105호 프시케롱 | Phone: 010-4539-0225 |
Instagram: pysche0402

Mallang Macaron

Mallang Macaron is a take out macaron shop featuring delectable macarons with delicate flavors that aren’t too sweet. Macaron cakes (macarons arranges in a circular mold) and meringue cookies are also sold here.

Address: 경기 평택시 용죽5길 5-5 | Phone: 010-8500-5548 | Instagram: mallang_macaron

NOTE: Because most of these macaron shops are open until they sell out (which happens frequently), we suggest you call or check their instagram ahead of time.