Louis Bar & Grill

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One of the most delightful features of Louis Bar and Grill is the fact they have seasonal menus. There is always something new on the horizon. During the fall and winter you can look forward to hearty favorites coming back and in the summers you know fresh, bright flavors will be showing up again. This weekend is the launch of the new fall/winter menu so I stopped by to hear what they have in mind. For now, those things I was told will be a secret, but as soon as I get the final copy of the menu I’ll be sharing it with all of you.

Since I was starving from my bike ride and wouldn’t be home before Foreigner Night in Pyeongtaek, I also decided to grab a hearty dinner and try something new to me: the Pork Belly. It was a total stunner. Two THICK cut rounds of Italian style pork belly on a heaping (like a mountain) pile of perfect mashed potatoes and a salad. Worth every single won I spent and exactly the kind of calories I needed for my ride.

The first thing I asked after taking a bite was, “This isn’t going off the menu is it?” I felt a little panicked that I’d discovered this dish right before it was gone. They assured me that it was in the running to remain on the menu, because – you know – it’s magical.

Although I’ve always been the biggest fan of Louis’ since they arrived I went through South of Seoul blog and realized that I haven’t written nearly enough articles about them. I Instagram them, tweet them, and FB them but I haven’t written enough. Huge failure on my part. This is one of our true gems. A place local foodies needs to eat at least once a month, if not more. Their staff is friendly, the space is beautiful and the food is hearty perfection, and their menu changes with the seasons – what’s not to love?

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