Japanese Ramen: 소노야

With all the talk of Japanese ramen lately, I felt compelled to try the new place I noticed behind Starbucks.  It’s cute, affordable, and self services.  That means, even though the place is quite small, you will be going to the country to pick-up and return your meal.  You will also get your own water and drinks. Just an FYI for those that aren’t use to this style of service.  I chose the miso ramen which was warm and soothing.  This wasn’t ramen that changed my life, but it was a nice lunch at a nice price.  Not entirely Japanese in flavor, but also not entirely Korean, it walked the line between countries with relative grace.  If you aren’t a ramen enthusiast this is going to taste delightful to you, however, if you are specifically craving Japanese ramen then it could feel like a disappointment since it’s not spot on.  Personally, I will chose this over other Korean ramen shops because of the noodles. Even though I often crave ramen like crack, it’s not that kind to my stomach so I don’t often eat it.  However, this dish treated me right and I left feeling light and warm.  It’s certainly a place I will go again when I’m downtown Pyeongtaek eating again.Of course, there are also many other options on the menu that looked great so it’s also a good place to take the kids.Location:Behind the (New) Starbucks in PyeongtaekAddress: 경기도 평택시 평택동 293-1