How to use the SOS app with Kakao Taxi

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One of the best things to happen to Korea is Kakao Navi. If you aren’t using it, stop now and go download it. It’s an app for calling taxis almost anywhere you can find yourself.

YES, it’s in Korean. DO NOT let this stop you. Honestly, this is one of the most important apps you can learn to use in Korean and 10 Magazine has done an awesome job showing you how to use it. CLICK HERE to learn more and get it setup on your phone. Slow down, get focused and use this. Taxis are an affordable and necessary part of life in Korea and if you use Kakao Taxi it removes the need to communicate your destination with your driver.

One of the awesome aspects of the South of Seoul app is that it makes it an excellent companion to the Kakao Taxi app because we list all of our addresses in Korean so they can be easily copied and pasted into Kakao Taxi (or other navigation apps).

Here is how it works in 5 Easy Steps

1. Use South of Seoul to find someplace awesome

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads

Once you have determined your destination you can get the address two ways: 1) click the share icon in the header or 2) click directly on the address.

2. Click “Share Location” and then “Copy”.

This will give you a copy of the address as it is listed in the app. It does not copy other information from the listing.

3. Open 카카오 택시 (Kakao Taxi)

Keep this in an easy to find location if you aren’t comfortable using the Korean alphabet yet. Once the application is installed the app will open to a page like this. The RED address is where you are located. After you call the taxi DO NOT WANDER OFF!

Now click in the circled area to get ready to paste your address.

4. Paste your address. 

See, that was easy. Now click that little blue button on the bottom right. (Sorry we forgot to circle it. It’s kind of hiding in this graphic).

5. Confirm the address and by clicking the 도착 button and then hit the big yellow button to call the taxi.
If there is more than one address for some reason, choose the one that closely matches what you pasted.

THAT’S IT!!! You are now free to move about Pyeongtaek easily using Kakao Taxi and South of Seoul. No more base Taxi’s for you!