Pyeongtaek Halloween Costume Contest and Festival

Pyeongtaek’s biggest Halloween festival happening Saturday! in Anjeongri!

Do you live for Halloween and love creating amazing costumes? Be sure to signup for the Halloween Costume Contest in Pyeongtaek. The Halloween in Anjeong-ri festival coming up this weekend and you could win prizes! If you want to know more about Halloween in Korea or Pyeongtaek keep readying, or jump straight to costume contest information.

About Halloween in South Korea

Over the past decade, Halloween has slowly inched it’s way into Korean culture as a commercial ‘Holiday’ where businesses strive to attract customers with displays and attractions. However, in some areas near US military bases, such as in Anjeong-ri, the holiday takes on a more traditional meaning with events for kids and families.

About Halloween in Anjeong-ri (안정리)

In Anjeong-ri, Pyeongtaek near Camp Humphreys Army Base, the city and community organizations put on a great Halloween festival for kids and adults. The celebration changes a little each year but generally includes activities, costume contests, decorations, and more. It’s great fun for the US military, international Korean residents, and the Korean community alike.

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads
Anjeong-ri Rodeo Street

Anjeong-ri Rodeo Street3.5

An international area near the Camp Humpreys US Army Base. The area has a wide variety of international restaurants and service providers whom speak English and cater to international customs and interests. Pyeongtaek City also hosts many events in this area.

Hangul Address

경기도 평택시 팽성읍 안정리 113-175

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

About the Costume Contest

The Halloween Festival in Anjeong-ri costume contest offers prize money ranging from 500,000 to 200,000 KRW. This is the perfect place to let your cosplay-loving self run wild.

You do need to register for the costume contest here: Registration Google Form. The registration form looks like the one in the image below. It contains important additional information about the event and registration is in English.

Competition Date&Time

The event will be held on Saturday (2022. 10. 29) at 16:00~19:00 in Anjeong-ri.

The time may vary based on changes in schedule due to weather or other issues. The organizers may contact registered participants if changes occur or they will post the time change at the event. In short, prepare to be a little flexible with the timing because things happen.

Halloween Festival in Anjeong-ri

Even if you don’t feel like being in the Halloween Costume Contest, be sure to visit Anjeong-ri this Saturday for the Halloween festivities! The Halloween Festival in Anjeong-ri is a great time to enjoy fall, celebrate Halloween, have fun with family/friends, and build community!

Event Hosts and Planners

The Halloween Festival in Anjeong-ri is planned by the Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation, Pyeongtaek City, and Pyeongtaek Citizen Times. Such organizations put in a great deal of work to support the international community in Pyeongtaek. We love to support their work!